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anticoag / verapamil and alcohol

Hi Everyone I have two questions Im on verapamil and my chads score is 1 Im 43 years old.

Do I need to be on a anticoag and also if im on verapamil does that mean I cant be on a noac?

Other question is I find alcohol a trigger to my Paf I can only have 1 glass of wine and that's a long time before I go to bed as if I have it late I get palpitations in night.

Im always really hot in night when I have a glass of wine does anyone else get this?

Thanks Julie

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I would stop the alcohol as it's not worth encouraging the palpitations. I think you need to take medical advice re the anticoagulants it's a tough call as some younger people have had strokes with AF and then wished they had been on an anticoagulant There is the risk of bleeding to be taken into account (HASBLED score) too and only your doctor knows your full history and so can advise. Re your question re taking the two together, I think others will be able to tell you if they have both, but again do check with medical staff. If your GP doesn't know you can contact the lead pharmacist for your local CCG and they will advise you

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Hi Julie

I am NOT medically trained, but I think there is nothing basically wrong with Verapamil and a NOAC, BUT you must check this with your doctor preferably your specialist.

Re wine you know the answer if it is a trigger then it has to go, experiment for a few nights without it and see what happens.

Anticoag is a harder one, especially when you score 1 right on the borderline, again needs discussion with your specialist, but with lots of evidence of the fairly minimal long term effects of warfarin for example, personally I might plump for the anti-coag, but it needs discussion with an EP preferably.

Be well


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My EP said that there is an interaction. He kept me on veraprimil because I suits me, but gave me the lower dose of Elequis

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Thanks for the reply Verapamil is the only medication that suits me so that's why I was worried.I would rather be on a noac eventually and not warfarin due to the monitoring.


I am on Verapamil, digoxin and warfarin. I take the verapamil in a modified release form as I cannot tolerate it in quick release form. I find it better to take digoxin and verapamil in the evening then most of the side effects are minimal when I wake up.

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