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I recently went to my GP for an update and I asked for a script for Probiotics which I am eligible for under Dept Vet Affairs Gold Card. For most of you, you will be aware that I have had this condition for nearly 5years now and after my ablation 4 months ago I haven't looked back.

During my journey I was diagnosed from a Gastroenterologist that I have IBS, which seemed to have started at the same time as my Heart Arrhythmia and any episode really effected my gut at the same time. The thing that bothers me is that she didnt want to give me any script for this, and told me to think about it?

I have been paying for it over the counter, but the Chemist told me to ask for a Script because others under the Gold Card can and get this product under DVA.

I go back to see her next week, and I have thought about it, but lets face it probiotics are not cheap I thought I would ask for a referral back to my Gastroenterologist and and get him to give me a script, and don't feel so good about going back to ask her for this. Your thoughts about this dilemma would be appreciated.

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Are you in UK? I eat yogurt with probiotics and my bowel spasms are no more


Hello frills, I am in Australia, and yes I eat yoghurt too, but I was hoping I would get the script which would enable me to continue at a cheaper rate which I am eligible for.

Since my ablation it was interesting to note that this hasnt stopped the IBS from becoming a problem at times, but it sure has improved this problem, I just don't want to stop using the Probiotics. I am also on the Fodmap diet which has helped too, maybe the GP thinks I should now stop using the Probiotics!

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Hi Ultramarine,

We have spoken several times over the years (my previous life form was Aussie John) about the relationship between AF and digestive issues. About IBS and related symptoms, FODMAPS etc etc ........ and of course again just recently too.

So, I am wondering if you can get something in writing/in print format from DVA stating that you are entitled to this under the DVA Gold Card and you would like a Script for it.

Also, if you can prove that your health benefits from Probiotics ask your Gastro person to prescribe it. If she is also obstructive ask her why Probiotics can't be prescribed and make the Gastro person justify her actions ! If she remains obstructive and won't give you any reason and if you can't get anywhere at all, then tell Gastro that you'll make a formal complaint in writing to DVA along the lines that you are being denied an entitlement. It would also be a good idea, after you've seen your Gastro person to go back to your GP with the results of your discussion with the Gastro person and ask your GP to justify why she is not prescribing an entitlement. Then tell her you will be making a formal complaint to DVA.

Just recently I suddenly developed my worst digestive issue for soooooooooooooo long I can't remember when. Whilst I'm now stable again I have gone back to researching Vagal Nerve, its malfunctions and remedies to malfunctions. I'm working for the next 3 days but when I stop I'll dig out some of my research and message you the reference material. It may be of interest. But from what I read ... its no surprise to me ..... that although your AF is fixed your IBS remains. I know I keep banging on about it but the more I see on this website the more I am convinced that if you can calm the vagal nerve the digestive issues will subside - maybe even be cured.

I'll be in touch .... have to say that "Ultramarine" is one of my favourite gemstones. So calming!

Good luck.



Hi John You make me smile, yes we do agree on the issue of Digestive disorders as being one key player in Heart Arrhythmia, and we go back some ways in various discussions, I am hoping that my GP is just trying to make me think more about it, but as you know I have had quite a few years in researching as much as I can but if you can throw some more light on the subject that sounds good.

I thought of going back to the Gastroenterologist to see what he has to say, because I am reluctant to give up the conclusions I had arrived at regarding probiotics a few years ago.

I haven't figured out which came first the IBS Symptoms or the Heart Arrhythmia but they were pretty close together and did actually present themselves at the same time in any episode, the stomach seemed to be the first to react, then the Heart Arrhythmia followed pretty soon after.

If you remember I have had all veins ablated which I was told represented 3 types of Arrhythmia apparently. I did slack off with the Fodmap diet at times, but not as bad as what you did to yourself lately, that was so unlike you. I hope have recovered somewhat from this experience.

Thanks John I would appreciate any research notes you have kept, I didn't keep all of mine.

Ultramarine is just one of the deepest blue pigments in the Art paint spectrum, which I use quite a bit, the gemstone itself was quite expensive in the 1800's before this pigment was developed.


Have you seen the videos by Tom O'brien on autoimmunity? Try take a look. Some of his videos have very interesting and accessible sources of pro (and pre) biotics. Apparently baked apples with cinnamon are very good sources of probiotics.


Great Jonathan these videos have confirmed my own intensive research of about 3 years ago. Along with the gut I also narrowed it down further to inflammation. Unfortunately not all doctors agree treating any condition with alternatives along with orthodox medicines.

After viewing some of the videos it was helpful to note, how he realized the difficulty in eating out could be, and although I cannot control toxic environmental factors I can do something about my food intake along with any supplements to that end.

I knew there was something wrong with my stomach either with what I was drinking or eating, but it took me a while to convince another doctor to give me a referral to a Gastroenterologist, who then gave me the diagnoses of IBS. Results after numerous tests were too difficult for my past GP to work out, but from there I took myself to a dietician who helped me with the Fodmap Diet to begin with.

I was prompted to locate these tests again (I asked for a copy) and will take them to her next week as she has only been treating me for the past 18 months.

Thanks for your additional resources

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He sent me this link today. Really simple description of (one of) the problem


I meant to add that i hadn't heard of fodmap before this video


Hi again Jonathan. My computer doesn't want to open the last video for some reason, but when I go to his site I can open them.



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