Warning at work overturned

Hi just wanted to update everyone about the warning I received at work for having time off with AF and my ablation procedure, after advise from everyone I got the union involved, we'll it's good news the warning was overturned and my union rep who was fabulous used the, you do know sue comes under the disability act card, im so happy n relieved and now any time I'm ill with my heart they will just review my situation and not just give me a warning, thanks guys for your advice and support xx

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  • Well done you. at least you don't have that to worry about.

  • Good news and well done for standing up for your rights. Hopefully, this will give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on a full recovery. Good for you. xx

  • that's great- pity it's needed in 2016 !1 Well done!!

  • RESULT. Well done.

  • Good to hear.

  • Great news. Do you have all of this in writing? Your employers should be issuing an apology and reaasuring you in writing that they will adhere to appropriate policies and legislation from now own in relation to your health. Delighted you don't have this stress hanging over you now but you never should have. I have had to update and correct my managers on a couple of occasions when they have almost breached legislation and I also had to advise our occ health consultant that me losing my job would be constructive dismissal as he suggested medical retirement at one stage when NO reasonable adjustments had yet been made for me to continue working! I always always make sure I have these things in writing to save any future confusion and to protect my rights. It sickens me that we didn't ask to have bloomin AF and WANT to work yet employers make it difficult and stressful. I have learned from my experience that managers and occ health staff are not always up to date with what is legal. Appalling. Rant over!!!!!!!

  • Good for you these people should walk a day in our shoes

  • I remember your post

    This is very good news but you shouldn't have been put in this position.

    I was in a managerial position for decades before I retired and I feel that I got the best out of my team by respecting that in the vast majority of cases illness was genuine.


  • Well done you for taking a stand with this. Wouldn't you have loved hearing the conversation that took place between HR and the bosses when they realised what a mess they were in 😀.

  • Glad all went well for you,what is The disability act card?


  • The disability act, I come under the disability act because I have atrial fibrillation

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