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Its now 5 weeks since my Ablation and i'm still feeling god damn awful. Can't even walk up a hill without getting chest pains and my pulse becoming irregular and fast. This brings on the headaches, the nausea and wanting to just curl up and do nothing. Never thought it would be like this i'm so lifeless. Want to go back to work but can't in this state. Ablation. I don't know what i was thinking. I was managing perfectly well on the tablets. Is this normal or do people think i should contact my cardiologist. Gp has referred me back to him but haven't heard anything for a week. Feeling helpless.

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  • Hi there. Right I've had three ablations so know how it should feel afterwards and what you're describing doesn't sound right at all. The thing to do is ring the hospital where you had the procedure carried out and ask to speak to your consultants secretary. Tell her how you are feeling and ask her if there are any AF nurses at the hospital and if so get their number and make contact, they will probably ask you to come to the hospital for an appointment with them very quickly. They will also have direct contact with your EP and can get his advice. You'll be surprised how fast you will process from then.

    Please don't suffer in silence anymore and ring the hospital now. There's a very slight chance you may have a heart infection. You need help.


  • Thanks jean. I'm looking for the number now.

  • Please let us know how you get on.


  • I agree with Jean up to a point but I think you should go to A&E because somebody else recently had similar symptoms and was found to have a lung clot. When I had my ablation I was told that if I had any symptoms other than 'normal' AF I should see my GP or go to A&E.

  • This is not normal....please follow the advice given. If your heart is misbehaving, or you have any pain....A&E, otherwise follow Jean's advice.........good luck

  • So sorry to hear this. It certainly doesn't sound right so please follow Jeanjeannies advice. Get some help from your EP as a priority. Take care. They will sort things for you but please don't suffer any longer. Best wishes. X

  • Update please!

  • Ok. Took everyones advice and firstly spent most of yesterday in A&E undergoing the usual tests. HR in NSR. Blood troponin levels a little high but ok. They got in contact with my cardiologist who has put me on Metoprolol 25mg twice a day. Escalating ablation follow up appoinment and arranging another 24hr tape. Feels like i've been given the runaround but least theres a course of action now.

  • Thanks! I'm sorry this procedure has been a disappointment so far but for most people a few hiccups at the start don't mean a long-term failure. Best wishes.

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