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I have previously been an observer of this site so this is my first post. I was diagnosed with AF in February 2016 and after a roller-coaster experience with Bisoprolol that did not agree with me at all, I am now just prescribed Warfarin. Thankfully I manage to stay within INR range reasonably well at the moment.

My reason for posting is because of the terrible neck pain I'm getting, which then leads to monster headaches and clicking in my neck when walking. It doesn't happen every day but it can last a couple of days and is so debilitating I'm taking to my bed for a couple of hours to get some relief because co-codamol doesn't help much. It's also accompanied by the shushing in the ears and a slight nauseous feeling.

I have looked at all the various symptoms but have not seen this mentioned. I did not suffer with anything like this before the AF diagnosis and it just seems to have gradually got worse and is quite debilitating at the time.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else suffers with this. Thanks for your help.

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  • Most likely this is caused by cervical spondylitis (arthritis in the neck). Not likely to have anything to do with af

  • Thanks for the reply

  • I have suffered with headaches, dizziness, breathlessness and clicky neck - took ages to work out what was what.... Like you wondered what was going on as it all becomes a muddle.

    Neck had got out of alignment ..... Saw a physiotherapist and for me it has helped sort out a lot of issues. May be worth investigating.....



  • I too suffer from a clicky neck, often quite frightening when it is a very loud click. I have mentioned to my GP as some of the pain is rather like angina pain in my jaw extrememly sharp pain it stops you in your tracks and headaches, also get a whooshy noise in my ears. But GP says wear and tear in the neck is probably the cause (I asked for an xray to see what was going on but was told they would not do one). This has been going on for a few years now so I think I will be going to see the osteopath in the next few weeks and see what they say. As with Mickey I think there may be some alignment issues.


  • Thanks for the advice

  • Thanks for the advice

  • I have terrible neck pain but mostly caused by my sleep position. Recently started using a travel pillow (the ones that hook around your neck) and it has eased considerably. But yes a visit to a good Osteopath will help as well!

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