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Shoulder and neck pain

I was diagnosed with AF in September and have had two hospital stays, a cardioversion and am taking a cocktail of drugs, including bisoprolol

I have never been really conscious of palpitations but I was admitted to hospital because of tachycardia and pain in my shoulder and neck.

Since taking the drugs prescribed (beta blocker and apixaban), I have had no pain or palpitations which is great. However, I am wondering if the shoulder and neck pain is a symptom of AF? The doctors seemed to think it could be angina, but I've now had a CT scan and an angiogram and there's no heart disease present.

Can AF cause pain of the kind that I described? I feel Iit must be heart-related if it has stopped after my taking the drugs.

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I have always been worried about " palpitations." I have a diagnosis of CLASSIC AF but have never been aware of palpitations. Missed beats, flutterings and feeling awful but no thumping. My EP tried to tell me that palpitations was a blanket term to cover all arrhythmia.

As you may have seen in another post, and at the risk of being boring, I am shortly to have surgery on two prolapsed discs in my neck. My dexterity and mobility are dreadful but I have NO pain. When I Googled it I discovered that 20% of people with my condition are pain-free. If you have any more neck pain then you should get it investigated.

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It sounds unlikely. Maybe the neck and shoulder pain precipitated the episode of af.

Most neck/ shoulder pains originate from arthritis in the neck


I have suffered with shoulder pain and have had blood tests and shoulder X-rays I am told that its just ware and tare and a few visits to a physiotherapist did help and some exercises i can do each day. Apparently nothing to do with my heart or AF but some days I wonder. My AF gets the blame for most things these days but I will continue the fight hehe. Good luck anyway.


I can't answer your question, I'm afraid, but I do believe they are linked. During my two ablations, I felt pain in my shoulder when the zapping was being done!


I went to a physiotherapist as I had neck and shoulder pain. They may be able to point you in the right direction and help as to the cause and help your GP diagnose.

Hope you find out the cause soon.




Maybe try an osteopath and hopefully he can sort out the shoulder pain.


I get the same, but put it down to tension. I have a fantastic osteopath who is a god send!


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