heavy chest cramp spreading up to my neck


Lat night i had like a cramp spreading up my Chest to each side of my neck :-( was a bit scary was not sure what to do , did not want to call a Ambulance in case it was not serious has anyone else had this?? I have paroxamol Af , i take verapamil flecanide. isotard blood pressure tabs, and water tabs , it has worried me with it going up side of my neck.

just resting up today,


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  • If you read my latest post Suzy, you might want to get it checked out. It could be nothing but you will get peace of mind if nothing else. I went on gut feel, I knew there was something not right.

  • Hi Thank you for your Reply, i think i will get it checked out as been on my mind this morn i feel a lot better now but not had anything like this before was rather scary,

    Thank you for your help Suzy

  • The general rule is that ANY chest pain which persists and spreads should be investigated asap. Better to waste A and E's time than regret it if you can.


  • Okay thank you Bob will contact them


  • When I had this it was in the midst of a bad AF attack and I went to A&E and was right to do so. Since then my GP and Arrhythmia nurse has said not to mess about and to get to A&E if I had these symptoms whether or not I was in AF.

    My friend was given the same information to always get checked out. I know its awful to be in A&E but its the best place, better safe than sorry. They are there exactly for things of this nature.

    Just think how many people call an ambulance for minor things bet they would prefer to be called out to your symptoms than a drunk having fallen and knocked their head on a boozy Saturday night.

    Be well


  • Hi Suzy - Please talk to your GP about what happened ASAP. It is so important to get cramp like chest pain investigated. Did you feel sick and sweaty with the pain?

  • Hi Suzy, definitely get it checked out - my doctor said any chest pain that persists, go to A&E. Better safe than sorry... Let us know how you go.


  • When I have this It was said to be Angina which can be relieved with a spray under the tongue. It can give a real bad headache but better than the pain. sometimes putting a hot water bottle on the chest can releave the symptoms also.

    Anything like that that persists does at least needs a 111 call.

    Be Well

  • Hi Everyone,

    thank you for your Support, i have been to my GP this morn did a ECG that was ok think's it was a Bad Angina Attack, but checking my blood to make sure not the heart should know today anytime if show the heart have to go in Hospital, GP said if i have again ring for Ambulance straight away, thank you all for your help , will let you know how i go.


  • Hi Suzy - I'm just wondering how you are now?


  • Hi Jean,

    I am feeling a bit better thank you, i have had Angina for a few years, but the Tablets have kept me well, not needed to use the spray before so it had run out of Date, but i have got a new one now, it has really knocked me never had a Bad Attack like this before :-( and the Doctor thought at first was a heart Attack, but Thank God it was not,

    But I am concerned to what Triggered this Attack, I got my INR tested yesterday and that seemed ok , its so cold here at the moment so not tempting to go out yet as still dont feel 100% i see the heart Specalist , 2 days before Christmas, hopefully he will be able to give me a answer thank you for asking, hope all is well with you.


  • Chest pain or cramp in the chest pain should be investigated, you really should have went to A&E take no risks, I would rather have the red neck of being told I've got trapped wind than have something sinister in the house with no one to help you!!!

  • Hi Kaiser,

    Yes you are right Defintly wont hang about next time, thank you


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