24 hours of bliss

I have just had a FULL day of no symptoms!!!!! A full day in work with feeling normal.. A blissful full night's sleep!!! I just can't believe it. Just shows how unpredictable this condition is. I never thought that I would have a full 24 hours again of feeling normal and well. I am trying to resist fantasising that I am 'cured' but if I have another good day today, I'm buying a lottery ticket tonight ! And if I win, I'll donate to AF research lol xx

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  • Wonderful isn't it - enjoy - and also know that it may return. But hopefully not - you must be doing something right!

  • That's fantastic Vony! Long may it continue!xx

  • Ah Vony - the clouds have parted and shown the sun! Enjoy every second of it. xx

  • Great stuff , long may it continue.

  • Thanks all. Have had another good day today. Just can't believe it. So happy. Just shows when you think things have turned bad and will never improve they can.. Unexpectedly! Xxx

  • Excellent news Vony. Hope you keep up the winning streak!

  • Such good news, Vony! It does us all good to hear of it. Even if it reverts, you know it's possible to have good times, too.


  • That's great, what a relief

  • Oh how I love the good days - really makes you appreciate life in every detail!


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