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Sotalol and vitamin D3?

Do any of you any knowledge concerning possible interference between Sotalol and vitamin D3? I asked our cardiologist who just "make a face" asked what is it and just finished conversation. I do not ask you for ADVICE just for your opinion , if you have any. I do not have ANYBODY to consult with. Such is life.

YES, I do know that everything is individual and that everything should be consulted with Md, CD or other competent person. Thank you so much in advance.

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My only opinion is on Sotolol, I take D3 but wouldn't touch Sotolol.

Trouble is there is often no competent person for interactions between food supplements and drugs, generally. A pharmacist will often have to look it up, as can you.

This is reasonably reliable source

Should say that you should know your Vit D levels before taking. D3 is not water soluable and can accumulate and is known to cause kidney stones.

Also depends upon who you talk to - researchers of dementia in our local University love it and say it helps to prevent dementia.

I take it because of leaky gut, oesteoparosis and neurological condition. I don't think will do anything for the heart and as you will see, Arrythmia may be a side effect.

Why do you want to take it?

i was advised by my Nutritionist that I would be better off taking a very good quality fish oil. If you take calcium for oesteoparosis it will also contain D3.


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Thank you CDreamer. Reasons for my considering supplementation by vitamin D3 are results from number of research rapports referring between other also to.. ”Vitamin D deficiency is a silent syndrome linked to insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart health..” My husband has diabetes 2 (insulin resistance) high blood pressure and afib. Therefore I am checking erything what could help at least little. As he is 76 years and we are living at north part of Europe with short summer, it is not impossible that we both have lower levesl of D3.

You are right to remind me to check level of vitamin D before any action. Especially as the new thing is that if level of vitamin D can is over 100 nanomol per litre, there is an increased risk of dying from a stroke or a coronary. I have references.

Concerning fish oil, I do not use it as it may increase anticoagulation effects (risk of brain hemorrhage) of xarelto which my husbandis using.

Many thanks to you CDreamer! It is extremely useful to have competent people to discuss with. To be caretaker is sometimes very lonely.


Did you know that there is a new forum on HU especially for caregiving? Just have a look.


Thank you again. I looked at forum on caregiving and I like it. Even if I have little different point of view. We all need some support both emotional and possibility to obtain comments on facts as well as exchange ideas.

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