Amioderone and Ablation

On Amioderone For 10 months, was put on it before Cardiovertion which only worked for hour or two, stayed on it as waiting for Ablation still not got a date yet but don't think it will be to long now.

Is there any other Drug as good as Amioderone which you don't get the side affects like no sleep, high thyroid gland and low platelets in blood.

Thank you

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  • I was switched from Amiodarone to Disopyramide about 20 years ago which proved more effective and suited better.


  • Tikosyn is the brand name also known as dofetilide controls a fib and does not have the same adverse effects as ameodarone.

    I was put on tikosyn after three months of ameodarone.The result of those three months was a high tsh and now have to take levothyroxin to normalize thyroid function.

    I am lucky to have had an ablation procedure and no longer use tikosyn but it was effective.

  • Dronaderone has fewer side effects, but more likely to get recurrences of af. Propafenone, flecianide and disopyramide are the others, but amiodarone is still regarded as one of the most effective

  • So are you still in AF now? if you are then is Amiodorone helping anything?

    I took it for 6 months, never again!

  • yea still in A F, but its under control with Amiodorone Heart better, but rest of body suffering with the drug, Doc wants me to have a brain scan as its affecting Thyroid

  • Hi I'm on Deronadrone which seems to be keeping my af quiet. I had an ablation in July but started with the af again 3 weeks later. EP put me on this instead of Amiodarone. Fewer side effects.

  • I've been on tikosyn and now it's generic for 4 1/2 years. I've also had 2 ablations,1st a cyro annd 2nd a combination of cyro and rf. I still have a few episodes of AF but so far nothing as frequent and bad as before ablations. So far no known side effects.

    I've refused Amiderone as it's in same class as Multaq to which I had a horrible reaction .


  • I was told that Amiodarone was the most effective drug so if the side effects are not too bad, they like to keep people who need it on it. I was on it before cardioversion for 6 months and was told it lingers in the body for about 3 months.

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