Hello everybody!

I am due for an ablation or an [internal cardioversion]? whatever that means? and was wondering if it will ease my breathlessness, i have cardiomyopa? also, is ablation different in effect to cardio. i dont mean the procedure i mean the effect as i live alone with no family to help just my artwork and me!.

Thankyou all


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  • Hi Frank

    Ablations and Cardioversion are two different procedures. Research this website AFA and it gives all the answers.

    Breathlessness can be caused by many different situations.

    An Ablation could help to relieve your symptoms however these are questions for the qualified specialists and perhaps not here.

    A lot of the times my breathlessness came from allergic reactions to medication and being in AF.

    I've had two RF Ablations, one Cardioversion and an AV Node Ablation and still have slight shortness of breath........down from severe shortness of breath.

    Talk to your Cardiologist/EP



  • Thanks Barry

    That's reassuring ANY relief that allows me to walk further than 30 yards will be welcome!

  • Are you on medications? I was on bisoprolol and between that and the AF itself i was very breathless when walking or doing any activity. I had ablation in 2013, stopped the bisopro!ol and gradually the AF episodes stopped. I have been free of AF since then and the breathlessness also imporoved greatly. I can now walk a few mikes, garden dance and live a normal life for my age 67. I dont know how yours will go but that's my experience. Wishing you good luck 🍀

  • Yes im on Bisoprolol Lallym. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Bisoprolol is known to cause breathlessness. Of course other things can also contribute so you need to discuss with your EP.

  • I had a cryoablation in November and within the first month my breathlessness was gone. Shortness of breathe can be caused by many things, so everyone is different. I wish you the best of luck!

  • My AF and tachycardia both made me breathless. I've had three ablations and have been wheat free for the last two months and I'm feeling better than I have for years! In your shoes I'd try anything that's offered to me.

    Love your drawing. Was the whole picture done by you? If so amazing!


  • Thanks Jean im just waiting for my presassement in feb! thankyou yes i do them drawings heres my site! Thanks for your reply.


  • I would just ask whether you are only out of breath when in AF. You do not say whether AF has been diagnosed or if so, whether it is Paroxysmal, persistent or permanent. A symptom of AF is being out of breath even though you are not doing anything. Once they cure the AF then the breathlessness should go.

  • Yes I have AF thanks that's reassuring rich!

  • If your ablation stops your AF, then of course you will return to normal.

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