Back in AF

Slipped into AF again 7:00 this morning. Have taken extra Flecanide but still out right now.

Managed to get my GP surgery to do ECG as none done whilst in AF since my last ablation in November 2015. Emailed it to EP's secretary as my next ablation is planned for next Tuesday.

I have not been able to relax until now as I had to go to Salisbury Hospital for outpaitients appointment following my hand surgery in January.

I am now at last able to rest with 'Eternal Forest ' CD and slow breathing to hopefully get back into sinus rhythm .


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  • Good news on getting the ECG done. Very useful! Good luck next week.


  • Thanks Bob

  • I ve tried the slow breathing technique as described by our own Bob D, and it has stopped my af for the last two times. 😊

  • No luck yet but I am ever hopeful.

    If not back in the morning I will talk to EP's secretary as normally if I am in AF for more than a day I seek a Cardoversion but they may take a different approach as I am due to have the ablation next Tuesday.


  • I assume you have done full dose flecainide? The recommendations seem to vary but 150mg is common and some go up to 300mg with cardiologists advice

  • I am normally on 100mg x 2 per day. I have now taken 350mg + 2.5mg Bisoprolol today.

    Still no success.


  • Sounds like a respectable dose, so that just leaves the relaxation and mental calming stuff until you speak to the ep in the morning. There is some concern as the longer you stay in af the less likely it resolve spontaneously.

  • Yes but I suspect that is the case for weeks rather than hours. Also in Pete's case he is having an ablation on Tuesday so I suspect that may not make much difference.

  • This is an interesting paper on the subject.

    31% with AF <2 days progress to chronic af and 46% of those with paroxysms >2 days. Also chemical and electrical cardioversion less successful with longer duration of AF

  • Sadly you have to either pay $35 to read it or be a subscriber.

    I have just got hold of the EP's secretary but no joy yet as EP is in the Lab working on someone else right now.

    Every hopeful.


  • I was able to read it ok. Maybe you have to register (free)?with the American Heart Association (AHA).

  • Don't worry at all. In fact it may be a blessing in disguise because they should be able to see / find the point(s) that are triggering this episode. If you are in AF for the next four days that's not long because after all some of us are in persistent AF!!!! There is one caveat though that your HR and BP are at acceptable levels (you didn't say what they were). This is because from my observations often those with paroxysmal AF seem to have higher rates for both than those in persistent AF for some reason.

  • PS I am not medically qualified!!!

  • Neither am I but 25 years experience of PAF gives me a significant level of layman's knowledge and I have managed to have numerous discussions with the consultants where I felt I was able to have an intelligent conversation and hold my own.

    I understand where you are coming from. This forum discusses doses drugs conditions and situations and everyone should adopt the attitude that they should in all cases seek the advice of the professionals and not take our pontifications as the ultimate answer. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT as I have said a number of times in my posts to this forum.

    I am continuing to try and get hold of my consultant. Had I not been going into hospital next Tuesday for my 5th ablation I would have been down A&E by now as I am still in AF and I normally do not leave it more than 24 hours if I cannot cardiovert myself with my Flecanide.

    Thanks again Peter for your comments and interest.

  • No problem. I only added that as there have been quite a few new people on here recently!!! I have known about my AF formally for almost 2 years and I have learnt a stack of information, etc. My GP admitted to a medical student who was shadowing her that I knew more about AF than she (my GP) did!!!

  • Totally agree it is a bit of a worry that an new member might take what one of us says as RED.

    Will update my progress as and when and if I think it will be of interest.


  • I assume READ (and not making them red) !!!!!

  • Yes excuse my typo


  • Thanks for your comments Pete & goldfish.

    It is now 06:15 and I still have a strange rhythm not what I normally recognise as AF.

    Because I am on Flecanide my heart rate is low even in AF. The ECG yesterday recorded 74bpm and AF. My own measurements recorded anything from 70 - 90. This morning I am getting 49 - 65 but approximately 10 - 15 good regular beats then 5-10 caotic beats.

    I have no idea what my BP is.

    I will try and get advice from my EP later. I too thought that there may be advantages to staying in AF until my ablation on Tuesday despite the discomfort.

    I will update when appropriate.


  • Thanks for all your comments folks.

    I am still in this strange version of AF and cannot get hold of the Consultant or his secretary - no doubt he is probably ablating some other poor soul in the Cath Lab.

    My guess is that they will leave it as it is until Tuesday but it is not very pleasant as usual. Added to which I work freelance from home (should have retired 4 years ago) and typically the work has piled in over the past 24 hours and now my back is to the wall. Well maybe at least it keeps my mind occupied.

    I agree with PeterWH in that as it is only a few days then it should not be a big issue medically. I am fully anti coagulated and had an INR blood test yesterday so should get the results tonight. I am normally fairly stable with my INR.

    I think they will probably do a TOE scan once they have administered the GA, this is what they did last November.


  • Pete's update

    Just had an email from EP's secretary. My Consultant has checked my ECG which shows AF as I knew.

    He says nothing to worry about but there is no value in cardoversion between now and Tuesday. Also told me not to try again with Flecanide on my own account.

    So unless my dear old heart decides to revert to NSR on it's own (very unlikely in my experience), I am now stuck in this situation for another 4 ½ days, not happy but nothing else I can do.

    I can hear all our dear permanent AF suffers saying that this is what they have to put up with all the time. They have my greatest sympathy as I am not a good patient!!

    Never thought I would be looking forward to the ablation so much.


  • Like your reason for looking forward to it!!! Since the AF is firing now then the EP will have no trouble seeing where it's coming from now (as I said above this may be an advantage!!!).

    When I was having my ablation and the to went from one vein to another one he said "gosh this one is a hive of activity!!!"

  • Yes they get their buzz from the strangest of things.

    Luckily I will be out for the count as I am having a general anaesthetic.


  • My regret was that I was not alert all the time - going in and out with the fairies!!!

  • Quite the opposite to me I prefer the company of the fairies.

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