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Had a couple of hrs in a&e last eve agen.....had bad palps all day and chest felt like someone was sitting on off i went...two ecg,s...bloods done...wasnt put on a moniter...was sent home with heart still banging....its still there a bit this morning too...was need to back to see cardiologist for a change of is this possible...i was in hospital...why cudnt they give me something...why send me home and tel me...if it doesnt improve come back so weiry of all this.

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A cardio told me once, with heart rhythm drugs it's like cooking. They have to try what they think might work, but it doesn't, so on to the next one. First time I was put on drugs it took them 3 attempts, next time 10 years later it took them 4 attempts. I am very senstive to the drugs that most people take on this forum for example, who knows why, the doctors don't, they have to try them and see what happens in my individual case.

Certainly get a change in drugs as they are clearly not working. Go see your EP/cardio as soon as you can would be good.



The protocols controlling A and E doctors prevents them changing meds for anything like BP or heart conditions I'm afraid. A young doctor I know got hauled over the coals for giving a patient with highish blood pressure amlodopine. He was told he should have referred them back to GP for any change of meds. This is one reason why I maintain A and E is inappropriate UNLESS you have chest pain breathlessness or pass out.


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