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Hi every one have not been on here for a while,so happy New Year to you all.I had an ablation two years ago it lasted eighteen months,was it worth it YES ,had my second Ablation eight weeks ago still ok but still on meds seeing the cardiologist in two weeks time.Being out of AF is like having a birthday present hoping this one lasts longer.After seeing some of the messages that appear on this site it would be nice if we had some idea what country the come from. Lofty77. UK.

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Hi Lofty and I totally agree on all counts.

Whilst UK based and organised many of our members are from all around the world. I'm sure that some people in some of those countries think they ARE the world but the problem is often that drugs have different names and that UK guidelines do not apply say in China or middle east. On occasions terminology like ER rather than A and E would suggest a person may be in USA but not always. It is a real faff trying to find profiles and work out origins so clues would be helpful. In the meantime I will continue to promulgate UK procedures and guidelines.

Well done on your ablations and long may it last.

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thank you.


Hope all goes well. Last ablation in September last year got rid of the afib finally. Need forth ablation booked on the 19th to get rid of all the flutter.

Haven't been well since 2011. Or at least fully well.

Arizona area.


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