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Tiredness after Catheter Ablation

Just had Catheter Ablation at UHNM in Stoke. Told by consultant it went very well but like others feeling tired lot of the time and find noise and crowds difficult. Trying to listen to my body but keeps telling me it needs to sleep. But think this is natures way of repairing your body ?

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Do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second. That is the advice given to me by my arrhythmia nurse. I suspect that the difficulty with noise and crowds is the GA or sedation as I have noticed this after all my procedures and operations. As I am sure they will have told you it takes three months for the heart to heal at least so do be careful and don;t worry if you get the odd funny turn which is quite normal.

I used the groin bruises as a measure of recovery. It took about three weeks to fade away completely by which time you can assume that things are beginning to settle down inside.

Please don't think you are unusual. Just because you do not have a giant zip up your front doesn't make the work done inside any less serious.

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Bob D. Thanks for the advice. It's much appreciated. Mike Tyson


Still having bad tiredness episodes. Went shopping in town yesterday and was ok. But very tired again this morning so went back to be for two hrs. Seems like ok some days so do to much. Then. Feel shattered next day. Trying to listen to my body and sleeping if feel the need to sleep. I am 75 and had Angiogram and Ablation 17 days ago so suppose it's early days yet ? Just taking things easy on bad days then feel better next day. Mike


Just be patient Mike. It will get better.


Will try to be patient. ThAnks for your help and advice. Regards Mike


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