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Catheter ablation



I have just had a catheter ablation for the first time, which was on Monday the 17th of September. I'm led to believe that my palpitations could carry on for a while after my procedure as i have woken up this morning with them and still have them 7 hours later. I'm not going to build my hopes up as i know there is every chance it mint not work anyway but hopefully stay positive it will as my consultant said the procedure went really well.

It would be great to hear any stories of similar situations. Thanks


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Hi, i had my ablation in march, and i had palpitations a week later for the day, its pretty normal but just keep a diary of them, than you can discuss it with your cardiologist when you go for your check up.

Keep you chin up.


Vertclimber in reply to Adele95


Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'll definitely do that! It just feels a little disheartening 48hrs after my operation thats all :)

Hopefully everything will calm down soon. Thanks again..


If you look on pinned posts on the top right of your screen you will see one on Recovering From an Ablation with a link to our fact sheet which I am sure you will find useful. as you are otherwise likely to have quite a few surprises over the next few weeks and months.

Vertclimber in reply to BobD

Thanks.. Will do,

Vertclimber in reply to BobD

Hi bob. Not sure where to look for the pins you mentioned about ablation?



BobDVolunteer in reply to Vertclimber

On the top right of your computer there is a list of pinned posts but other wise try this link direct to AF Association.

Go to fact sheets and scroll down to R for recovery

Vertclimber in reply to BobD

Thanks bob ill check that out! It's probably the fact that I'm on my phone that i can't see the oins 😉

On my phone, I can scroll to the bottom of the page and see the pinned posts. Give the ablation time to heal and form the scar tissue needed to block the rouge impulses. Best wishes.

Yeah found them yesterday 😊

Thanks for the advise



Hi Garry

I had a AFlutter and AFib ablation on Friday and my EP did a lot of burns. I have had quite a few palpations and on Sunday went into afib for a few hours. I was aware it could happen so not overly surprised. I emailed my EP for advice on another matter and mentioned the episode and he said self terminating AF is not uncommon post ablation. So, the long and short of it is, don’t stress. Just keep resting and recovering.


Vertclimber in reply to Kaz747

Hi Karen..

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Thats so good to hear! Thanks for the reassurance and hope you get on ok to..

Thanks again


Hi Garry, I had a cryoablation 11 days ago, still getting palpatations and irregular runs on and off. I expect they will fade over time but it's all part of the healing process. Stay positive and rest rest rest.... Dave.

Cheers dave will do!

Thanks mate 😉

Hi Garry, most things have been covered but it takes at least 3 months before the scar tissue heals which prevents the rogue impulses from causing runs of AF and hopefully, palpitations and ectopics.

Just in case you still haven’t found the fact sheet!

Thank you all for yours replies! I feel better already..

Cheers guys 👍

It took 5 months for all my bumps and arrhythmias to stop. Then another 6 months for resting heart beat to return to pre ablation level. I had mine in November 2013 and no af since. So be patient, be gentle with yourself and stay positive. Good luck 🍀

Vertclimber in reply to lallym

Thanks! Glad to hear you're ok now 👍

Kevwray in reply to lallym

Thanks thats reasuring - im 5 weeks post cryo ablation (PVI) & worrying each time i feel a bit off par - i keep telling myself to be patient but my mind is over occupied thinking about my recovery & if its normal or not - I posted today about this & would be great if you could look at my post & see if there are any comparisions - good luck x

Hi. I'm in here because although not because of AF, I had an ablation just over a week ago, due to having a large number of ectopic beats. I've spoken with an arrhythmia nurse, who has told me that it can take some time for the ectopics to settle down. I've also found that my resting heart rate can often be much lower than before the procedure - into the high 30s. At the other end of the scale, my regular heart rate can rise to over 150 when I'm not doing anything in particular. Have you found fluctuations in hr like this post ablation? The nurse told me that they're not worried about numbers unless I have a physical problem at the same time. I do get dizzy during ectopic episodes but that's the same as it was before the procedure. Thanks in advance.

Hey Johnny! Sorry for the late reply.. I am 4 weeks clear of my ablation and still getting thee odd stint! Although each one seems to be smoother and quicker if that makes sence.. I have spoken with a few people on here and the replys have been amazing and really helpful.. I would really recommend checking out posts that are similar to yours! As for the heart rate side, my heart rate is still a lot higher at resting than it was prior to the opp! But as i said earlier i have spoken to guys on here that have reassured me that although you think things don't seem to be going your way! Just give it time and hopefully you'll be sound 😉

Cheers Gaz....

Hi Gaz. Just a quick, very positive update. I mentioned earlier that my GP was arranging a 7 day monitor and keeping the consultant who did the ablation in the loop. He rang me the very next morning and told me he wanted to do another - the afternoon of the very next day. Last Friday! I couldn't believe it would be so quick. He had told be first time round that he wasn't convinced that he'd found all the sources as the ectopics became so elusive. He ablated 6 areas.

Anyway, last Friday afternoon, he repeated it and thankfully, the ectopics came thick and fast. 4.5 hrs later, he'd ablated over 30 areas. The procedure was a success. I haven't had missed beats or dizziness since.

On the downside, I did have an asthma attack at 4am on the ward the day after. I had another one yesterday, which involved an emergency ambulance and A&E again but no ectopics throughout!! 😊

Hey pal..

Wow! Sounds like you've had a bit of a rough time lately mate? Another ablation that soon must have been rough for ya? Well i hope this one does the trick pal as I'm sure it will. Stay positive mate and speak soon.

Good luck 😉

Hi Gaz. It certainly was rough. For one, they went in through the same point in my groin, which hadn't yet healed fully. That was really painful, despite 5 lots of local. Secondly, because they were ablating so soon after the first time, there was a lot more discomfort than before. So much so, I needed morphine 3 times! The first op took 2.5 hrs. The second, nearly double that with over 30 areas a lated. Still, it was worth being put through as, to date, I've still not had any ectopics. The asthma is a different thing altogether.

I was at A&E by ambulance about 10 days ago. They did an x ray, which they said was clear and I was discharged a few hours later after 3 nebulisers. The very next day, my GP said the x ray wasn't clear and I'm having an urgent CT scan this Thursday and am being referred to a difficult asthma clinic. It all seems never ending! Cya. Johnny

Thanks for that Gaz. As my ectopics and dizziness seem to have actually increased post ablation, my GP is arranging a 7 day monitor and us writing to the consultant again. She wonders why a pacemaker hadn't been considered! Time will tell. Thanks again. Johnny

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