Femoral Neuropathy

around 5 months ago I had an Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) fitted for heart failure and af for around 2 weeks, I have been having numbness and pain in my thighs, feet, hands with a feeling of buzzing under the skin, Ive now been told I may have Femoral Neuropathy The device is comprised of a catheter introduced via the femoral artery has anyone else had any problems as it is the same procedure for ablations

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  • If you google femoral neuropathy there are many explanations for it and advice re. treatment.

  • It is not the same blood vessel Bushy if yours was done via the femoral artery. Ablation uses the femoral vein as I have explained before in other posts. To get into the heart they access the femoral vein which leads them into the right atrium from which they work either through the septum or in the case of flutter they don't need to go anywhere else.

    To get to the aorta then yes they would go into an artery.

  • Yes i know that Bob but both the artery and vein plus nerves all run in the same sheath

  • The neuropathy comes in the femoral nerve? I, too, suffered similar complications in both legs from the catheter insertion. Some things that helped: ice, eliminating any pressure on painful area, rest, very careful medical massage, a prescription medical food called Metanx for neuropathy, pain meds, using a small folding foot stool to elevate my leg when sitting.

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