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Had my ablation in July. As I had a few episodes of af afterwards and a blackout which had never had before my consultant put me on deronadrone instead of doing ablate and pace which was discussed. I know the heart can take a few months to heal after the ablation but if I'm on deronadrone (like Amiodarone without as many side effects) how do they know it's healed. I'm getting weird feelings in my chest like it's going to go into af but it doesn't. I was just curious if I come off the deronadrone in November when see consultant wil the af start up again as it did once before after a short spell on Amiodarone in 2014.

As some of you know on here my af journey was a long one going from paroxsysmal af to permanent af in 2 year and very unwell when having an episode and spending time in hospital trying to get meds adjusted and get hr stable and dont want to go back to that. I guess it's just see what happens once off deronadrone and hope ablation has worked.

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  • Jules, if its any consolation to you, the fact that you feel you are about to go into AF but dont is usually an indication of some success from your ablation or meds.

    I often get this feeling as I wake up. In the past I would almost inevitably flip into a fast rhythm and then AF. Nowadays this very rarely happens.


  • Thanks Sandra. it's just a weird feeling as I get one or two palpitations then feel like it's going to flip into af then it stops. My partner keeps saying how do you know that but after two year you do recognise the signs. At least I'm not going into af which is a relief. Just see what happens when off the deronadrone.

  • Most EPs like patients to stay on anti-arrhythmics for a while after ablation to let the heart heal in peace. I found that I had to wean myself off over about six weeks (after six months) as stopping suddenly did upset it and made it very irritable.

  • He said in August when he put me on them that it would only be until follow up appt then take me off them. I'm fully prepared for no af afterwards but if I'm unlucky and it comes back I'll just take it as it comes. I've learnt over two year anything can happen with this bloody thing lol

  • I was on flecanide for 4 mo ths after my ablation and when I came off it A.F. started again witb a vengence BUT 18 months later I have been able to reduce flecanide by 100mg a day and no A.F.. I do think the 3 month blanking period is only the minimum amount of time that should be allowed for healing and for scar tissue to form but it is very hard to be patient and also a lot of E.P.s do book you in for another ablation very quickly. I would ideally have liked to come off all medication ( apart from apixaban) but that was not possible so Im just accepting what I have got for now. Good luck. X

  • Thanks for reply. I do know if I come off the deronadrone and my af comes back I'll be getting an ablate and pace. it's just a waiting game once I'm off it. hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones whose ablation has worked. If not oh well x

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