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Health insurance following ablation


I am a new member this is my first postm

I had an ablation 12 days ago and am having difficulty getting holiday insurance. Any advice?

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If you put holiday insurance in the search facility (top right) there will be loads of posts on it already. You should not have a problem unless you are still under investigation (which you are not).

Afcl in reply to BobD

Thank you

Also look on main AFA website.

Having pre-existiting conditions, I find the best way to get quotes for travel Insurance is to use online facility that is offered by most insuance companies, (try LV) better than speaking to someone as that seems to increase the price no end, also consider using your European health card, many wont offer you any cover if your still under a consultant,

for them its all about risk !

Can't understand why not. When I was first diagnosed with a/f a few years ago they wouldn't honour my insurance until I had an Ablation. No problem now so get in touch with M&S they are the best for being reasonable. Good Luck

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