It's not back, but I am

Hi guys,

I keep popping in to read from time to time but nowhere near frequently enough as when I do some great advice and support is always given (as usual). It's been 5 months since I was last here, since my last DC cardiversion in resus. I've been on bisoprolol (recommenced) for 3 of the last 5 months having had my cardiology appointment pushed back and back 4 times to last week where I attended.

I've been having more regular, persistent palpitations that feel just like an onset of my PAF usualy 3/4 times a week at no particularly similar times lasting 10-15 seconds each time.

I've reduced my hours at work to 29.5 partly because of the AF and partly because of my persistently worsening Osteoarthritis.

Anyway, the Cardiologist recommended I commence on 50mg Flecanide twice a day and await a "Spider Flash" (posh 24hour tape but over the course of a week) to try and capture these episodes.

Point being to capture useful data to return to the EP in Wythenshaw with at some point. After 2 ablations, the EP will be reluctant to do a third and create more scar tissue in a relatively young heart and potentially make my symptoms worse, so if we've got stuff to show him so much the better.

We've decided to leave Dronedrone alone for the time being given the likelyhood of damage to my liver from prolonged use after 2 long courses of the drug within the last 3 years and I'm inclined to agree.

In other news - we have a baby on the way. Planned, albeit not quite so soon, due in July next year. At the back of my mind is obviously passing on the heart stuff to him/her.... but the OH is very pleased as am I. We're 10 weeks in so far!

Hope this post finds you well.

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  • Welcome back and congratulations.

    I hope that the flecainide suits you as well as it suits me. I'm glad that you will have a 7 day monitor. Mine picked up an episode on day 4 that I knew nothing about, probably because I was asleep.

  • Hello again jedi and welcome back. Congratulations on your good news too.

    I hope your short wobbles are not significant and that the small dose of Flecainide will be helpful - it has certainly helped my life too.

  • Although not all good news, a great post full of hope and inspiration. I also took 2x 50mg Flec as a maintenance dose and it worked well for me. Congratulations about the baby too. Try not to worry too much about AF passing down the family. If it were a problem, in years to come they will probably be selling DIY repair kits on ebay! Lets hope its a good start to the New wishes, John

  • Good to hear from you. July is a great time to have a new baby!

  • Congratulation on your news Jedi. I take 2 x 50mg of Flec along with 2 x 12.5mg of Metoprolol and do well on it, hope you will too.

  • Congratulations on news. Certainly lots to keep you occupied.

  • Great to her from you and congratulation and hope everything goes really well. I think it is sensible to cut back on your work and so sorry about the arthritis!

    Best wishes CD,

  • Congratulations and a big reason to take great care of yourself.

    Have you considered a kardia to monitor and provide info/evidence for you and EP. Mine finds the traces very useful.

    Good luck 🍀

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