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Well it's back

Evening all

Well my AF is defo back, Tuesday gone was the day things went awry

Out of nowhere whilst at work I got pre ablation symptoms first I had since ablation date of the 17th Feb.

The missed beats are not just missed bests now but runs of AF

Also headache is back and sleepness nights and back to daily use of Bisoprolol

Looks my wait for the 7 day monitor won't be required now and who knows when I get to see my EP next, so probs be a long wait for 2nd ablation

So gutted had just used to having some form of normality back in my life.

Suppose the beer will have to go a journey again, teetotal journey to commence again what a pi**er

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Hi Mick - Sorry to hear your AF has returned, looking back at your previous posts it appears your AF was back quite soon after your ablation. Will you try another ablation if it's offered?

Wishing you well.




Your probably right, the missed/ectopics were just as my AF nurse explained more likely the AF had returned.

I really could of lived with that, was on PIP 1.25mg Bisoprolol and went more than two weeks without any meds.

However this week has pretty much confirmed it, even being slightly prepared it really does knock the stuffing out of you things were going so well.

Yes will defo go for a 2nd ablation.


I'm sorry to hear this Mick- I hope it's just a little area which needs to be re done

best wishe


Thanks Rosy

Concerns are now though the longer it goes on waiting for the 2nd ablation the more the AF manifest itself plus all the other crap that goes with it

Oh well mustn't grumble

Tell you what though if I had a pound for every time someone quoted "it could be worse you know" 😡😡


If you do wait, the upside is that any other areas that haven't been fully dealt with may manifest themselves- appreciate it doesn't help with the symptoms in the meantime


Sorry to hear this. Is it time to put your hand in your pocket and have a private appointment with your EP? It could move you ahead.



I have already asked for a private slot, it fell on deaf ears


Oh, interesting. Could be all sorts of reasons why.


Really sorry to hear its back Mick - hopefully a 2nd ablation touch up will sort it out though. I sympathise about the teetotal bit - I'm on the same journey and drinking lemonade with my mates on real ale in the club is pretty tough. Its worth thinking about seeing your EP privately to get things moving faster.


Hi Mick,

Sorry to hear that, don't give up keep going until you beat this if poss!

People who don't suffer with this are so bloody lucky but guess they will more than likely suffer with something else,

Let us know how you get on and good luck!



Whenever I hear of people who are just starting to relax, assuming that their AF is a distant memory for awhile and then it comes roaring back I really feel for them.

What a kick in the sucks!

Thinking of you.

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I also had a second Ablation beginning last April,

Also did a cardio version, ..

I've had one small episode of AF and a few skipped bears, , about two weeks after, nothing (touch wood ) since.😊

So do not lose hope.. I have my first app with EP Doc in July,

I was hoping to get of Warfarin and sotolol,

But having spoken to a pharmacist ,

She made my heart sink, when she said, she'd never heard. Of anyone coming of Warfarin, even after a free long run of AF stability.

But the newer Type blood thinners are being prescribed .. More frequently,

Which did make me feel somewhat better lol

No more INR tests. Yea

has anyone with successful Ablation ever come of Warfarin ?

I was looking forward to my glasses of wine .. Again.. 🍷

God bless all..


I have never been on Wafarin, always Pradaxa (Dabigatron) and came off it about 3 months post ablation. I was advised to restart taking them next year, when I am 65.


Hmm well I'm 70, so guess I might have to stay on it..

But hoping otherwise, ..

I've also had a previous heart attack.

Back in 2004..

Have high BP. 😥😮


Was on warfarin a month pre ablation, came off immediately after and was switched to RIvaoxaban, came off that after six weeks.


Have your glass of wine - just don't finish the bottle!




Hi, I am new to the group just found it by chance.

I had my first Ablation in March 2014 and came off the dreaded Warfarin 6 months later so yes it can be done, however don't rush to come off as I too began to enjoy the freedom of getting my life back but had a couple of episodes of A F then one night out of the blue BANG Heart Attack caused by a clot from A F. I am now on list for second Ablation and have felt so old and weak for ages, black and blue from anti platelet meds.


I went teetotal a few years back. Try alcohol-free beers and wines. Don't give up at the first one, they vary a lot and some are really good. I get wine from the alcohol free shop on the interweb, Merlot and it's brill. I've just got used to the beer now and it tastes like beer to me.

One great advantage is that you can swill your pills down with wine or beer :-) Or have a beer for breakfast!


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Thanks Koll

It's when you are out bars and restaurants don't really sell any, well not where we frequent anyway, asking for non alcoholic wine and you just get an odd look followed by a no sir.

One wine bar we use sold becks n/a but no longer available, golf club now has some lager I am told so may try that.

Not one for really drinking in the house.


Move to Spain. It's everywhere out there and on draft. Can't tell it from the real stuff. Why on earth it hasn't arrived here I don't know. It'll come I guess/hope!


If you fancy a beer at home, I was recently introduced to Erdinger stocked at Waitrose, isotonic vitamin alcohol free. May sound weird but its better than Becks non -alco for me.


That is true. Why don't pubs stock a small selection of non alcoholic beers? I've just discovered Erdinger. It is very good. I gave it to my beer drinking son but didn't tell him and he said it was good and asked what it was. For some reason he was mortified when I told him it was not alcoholic.The best red wine for me is from waitress but can't always find it. I will try the alcohol free shop kill ( sorry, predictive text ) Mick I'm sorry to hear about the A.F. I keep waiting for the same to happen to me. If it does I will be going for the first private appointment available. Good luck. X


Sorry to hear this, Mick. I hope you get to see the EP soon.


Sorry to hear you have had a return of AF.

I was told that the first three months is a blanking period but at 4 months since your ablation its probably not just a healing "wobble".

Its a frustrating condition which can effect all aspects of our daily lives.

If you go for another ablation I am sure you will get there in the end.

All the best


Thanks all for the well wishes

Think first off I am off out tonight nice meal with wife and friends and I am going to indulge in a couple of beers and wine with dinner, yep probably not a great idea but it has been nice the last few weeks having that bit of normality again.

First thing Monday will contact EP (again) for a private appointment, if the 2nd ablation is a goer then I want to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

Hope I can keep things under control going forward, off to Portugal in a couple of weeks so do not want that spoilt.

Happy days eh.


enjoy the drink. Don't let AF completelty spoil your life


Well there is always so much here about drinking alcohol and I must say that in moderation I have never found this a problem even before progressing to persistent AF I never found it to be a trigger. I like my couple of reds of an evening and it doesn't seem to upset my INR. The EP said to me that that if I was to have a drink best to have it every night to keep it consistent re INR. Hope you manage to get sorted Mick and soon.



So sorry to hear about your relapse Mick, it's tough to take. I've had several runs of AF now, but I don't really suffer bad symptoms, but it does affect my plans. I've got my checkup in just over a week and I'd take a 2nd ablation if offered. I've read so much on here about don't do this and stay away from that, but AF affects us all differently. If you want a beer mate and it doesn't hurt, then have one.

Take it easy


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Hello Jason

Yep pretty much gone that route, want a beer then indulge.

TBH have pretty much gone back to normal regards diet etc, loads of golf but nothing to strenuous exercise wise regarding weights etc.

Mind you, amout of people who seem to want to comment on my weight is getting a bit of bind, must be the only bloke in his 50's who cant put on weight.

Even had my first caffiene coffee this morning for a change, but will defo stick with decaf though

Have stuck with my supplements, which I strongly believe in.

When I do find or feel AF may be about to kick in I drop my 1.25 mg Bisoprolol and all settles down, pretty much worked out (fingers x'dd) to keep things in check.

How did your check up go??


Good to hear things are settling down Mick and good to hear you're getting on with things pretty much as you used to. Checkup went OK, cheers for asking. Told the EP I've had the odd run of AF, but the tablets kick in pretty quickly. He asked if I was happy with managing it that way, which I am, so leaving it for another 6 months and if any worse we will reassess. I do feel if I had said no, then I'd be booked in for another ablation. I've no issues at all with another ablation, but I'd like to give clean and healthy-ish living a go for a while.

Take it easy mate


Nice one.

Enjoy the healthy-ish living


Hi Mick,

Sorry to hear you're back in AF; I totally understand the disappointment. Make sure you try and enjoy that holiday and have that beer if you fancy it! ;-)



Thanks Bev, will defo enjoy the holiday, only two weeks, see the back of this shite UK weather, well where I live in the NE.

In all honesty, I really shouldn't grumble considering where I was pre ablation, me being me however was probably just expecting a tad to much.


It's awful when things seem to be going well and that let down of your body. I'm booked in for ablation 3 shortly but waiting to hear go ahead cos nephrologist thinks my enlarged kidneys might be causing pressure on heart/vessels & hence reverting to AF. Big dilemma!

I'd go for it again if I were you! Wishing you all the best.



Mick, Haven't heard from you for a while and wondered how things are going? Have things continued to settle down or do you have a 2nd ablation lined up. I've just ramped up the alcohol a bit 14 weeks post ablation and it put me straight back into AF which is a real pain, so its good to hear how others are getting on. Nigel


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