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Hi everyone

Was lucky to get an appointment yesterday with another lady GP, whom I've seen before, and I feel confident with. My anxiety seems to have gone through the roof, and I'm not sleeping, due to worrying about my heart palpations/flutters/missed beats. She asked me if I had symptoms before the anxiety, and I can't exactly remember to be honest, because I have suffered from anxiety on and off throughout my life. She's prescribed me medication for the anxiety, and although I don't like taking antidepressants, feel I need them at the moment. I have an appointment with my own GP on the 16th, although I don't have a lot of faith in him. I got the Kardia heart monitor yesterday and I've been using it since last night, most of the ecgs up to now have been ok, except for 2 which said possibly AFib, my heart rate was 62 and 56 on those recordings, this was about 4am in the morning. Doctor said yesterday that my BP and pulse were normal. I seem to feel these sensations in my stomach area and not the heart area. My stomach is very sensitive to anxiety. I have another appointment with the lady GP on 19th. I'm going to keep both appointments. I asked her if she could tell whether the other GP had referred me to the hospital like I asked, but she couldn't tell me that. I thought everything was put on your records on the computer, obviously not.

I'm away on holiday in mid January for 10 days and I really want to try enjoy my holiday, but at the moment I don't feel I want to go because I feel fearful. My husband thinks I'm overreacting and my anxiety is probably causing it all, but he's not feeling what I'm feeling. I go swimming 4 times a week and do Pilates twice a week. He says I'm probably doing too much, but I do enjoy it, as it makes me feel better. I feel a nervous wreck and miserable at the moment.

It's good to be able share here with people that understand as I don't feel I can tell anyone. Thanks for reading and Look forward to any advice as I know you all pretty genned up and wise people.

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  • Anxiety tends to go hand in hand with AF unfortunately and if you are already an anxious person then the circle completes. I will suggest that you try not to keep using the Kardia as this can only focus your mind onto your heart. Sounds like you need some distraction and to be frank if you are doing that much swimming and pilates I don't think that your AF is that bad. Many people are barely able to function when in AF let alone do exercise so take heart that you are not too bad at all. I do think that right now the anxiety needs more attention than the AF. Anti anxiety and anti depressants are not (or should not be) the same thing so see how you go on the new pills. Stay busy and go on that holiday come what may. You will enjoy it!

  • Hello Eirene,

    Bob's absolutely right.....when I was first diagnosed, I purchased a BP monitor and became more than a little obsessed with taking readings until another well known volunteer who will remain nameless, called Beancounter, suggested I should lock it in the garden shed, and give my wife the key.....needless to say, I followed his advice and it was the best thing I could have done. Yes, nothing wrong in carrying our periodic checks, but beware of becoming obsessed like I did......enjoy that holiday.....I was in NSR before going to Portugal last year, and whilst there, I had AF for 48 hours. It didn't cause a problem although I can appreciate that it might for some......best wishes, John

  • Thank you for your helpful replies. I think you're both right that I need to concentrate on my anxiety right now. I know stress and anxiety plays havoc with the body. I've put the heart monitor away for now, as it's making me hyper sensitive to everything that's going on in my body, my mind is running away with it all, I'm driving my husband up the wall! lol.

  • Good news Eirene, don't forget to thank Beancounter...😀👍 and have a wonderful holiday

  • Thanks Flapjack, not going til mid January, so I will probably be on here before I go away with an update.

  • Yes, use your Kardia only when your heart is obviously misbehaving! This will give you something to show your doctor or consultant.

    My GP encouraged me to ignore AF and travel and take holidays abroad and I'm glad he did. The more I've done, the more I feel able to do. I hope your anxiety might evaporate and you will soon start to feel less oppressed.

  • Thanks Rellim, I've calmed down a bit since yesterday. Only used it twice today when I could feel the palpitations, but it came up as normal. I need to work on my stress levels, stop thinking about what might happen in the future, that I have no control over and enjoy the moment.

  • Palpitations feel not nice at all especially if they are very fast. I'm sure what will happen in the future is that you will find a good management plan and will get to know AF and how to deal with it and it won't be quite the bogey it is now. A few successful holidays and trips out and AF sessions that have been satisfactorily resolved give one a lot of confidence. I used to stay at home but now I make arrangements and if AF creeps in I feel reasonably sure I can cope and it's not going to spoil things.

  • The swimming and pilates ar probably the best thing to help reduce your anxiety.

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