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Newly Formed AF Support Group - Devon

Yesterday (Friday 2nd Dec, 10-12) we had our first meeting at the RD&E with a talk from the recently appointed 2nd Electrophysiologist, an introduction to the 2 Arrythmia Nurses - Alex & Lynne and a talk from 'our' Bob representing the AFA. Judging by the question and answers the sessions were very well received and it was proposed that we meet again on an on-going basis, probably 6 monthly.

The meeting was oversubscribed and I know there is a waiting list so the intention is to repeat the exact session sometime in January - will let you know! If there is anyone on the forum who is interested in attending and has not already received an invitation to the first meeting, you can register your interest (asap please) with Lynne at

Please keep your email very brief and confine it to registering your interest in joining the Support Group. Lynne is part-time and has a heavy work-load.

I know there were a few people who were interested but unable to attend on that day who may not already be on Lynne's mailing list.

For future meetings we may be able to have a larger room, should interest be maintained so there will be just one meeting every 6 months or so - not 2.

For your information - I have agreed to be Patient Lead and Lynne will be clinical lead for this group. If you have any queries please feel free to PM me.

Hope you all have AF free week-end, very best wishes - CD

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Hi CDreamer

I know you said to contact Lynne to go on list. What I would like to ask you is it easy to get to from the train station as I would really like to come but would have to come by train from Newton Abbot



Central would be the nearest I think, walkable but it's not that near and not that simple if you don't know Exeter and a bit uphill and down dale so either a bus or taxi would probably be required. It's a couple of miles out of town.

You would have to look up the bus routes as I couldn't advise you on the route I am afraid but you would need one to either the hospital complex or Barrack Road, look on the RD&E website for travel routes.


Many thanks I am very interested. They used to have a support group in Torquay was always very well attended but it stopped Im not sure why. I will come up to Exeter. I am going to look into the buses maybe they will stop somewhere near the hospital. I will get sorted by time the next meeting is

Thanks CarolB


Love to see you.


Thank you could do with someone to talk with I shall look forward to the meeting



I live in Newton abbot and would be interested in joining the group. Don't think it's near the station as you don't actually go into the city. Redders


Great morning and good fun I thought. Some good audience participation from all round and thanks for the bickies! Lynne and Alex seem very committed so with your help I am sure it will go from strength to strength.

Looking forward to the repeat meeting.



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