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Ablation and being single


Well back again. Have been asymptomatic for a long time but with some relationship issues to deal with and high anxiety I'm back in the saddle with intermittent AF.

This AF has removed me from who I use to be with the effects of several meds. (Very physical I say I am 60 going on 39) I had another scary episode this week and decided on doing the ablation the EP recommended. *Since I still have not taught the cats to cook and clean I am wondering how long I will need help after - post op? Thanks.. :^)

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If you are living in the UK you may well be entitled to some help.I had an accident and broke my hip.My husband living with me, and agreeing to help....with great willingness...excluded me from 'official' help which I understand I would have got had this not been the case. i also got help from the Occupational Therapist who advised a grab so that I did not have to stretch and bend over to pick things up and gave various other advice to make life easier.I would start by asking your practice nurse what help you are/may be , entitled to and for how long.If she is unable to help ask the hospital dept., where you are to have your surgery.


I really don't think you are likely to need any special help. Just make sure you are up to date with your heavier chores and spoil yourself a bit.

I've had 3 ablation s and really can't recall it being a big deal coping back home.



Well unlike surgery an ablation is only minimally invasive and you will only have a small puncture wound or two to actually worry about. The most important thing is to rest as much as you can for the first week and take it easy for the second. MY advice is to get your freezer full of ready meals and just sit with teh TV remote to start with. You should be fine moving about and looking after your hygiene etc so let the house get dirty for a bit.

You will not be allowed to drive for a week probably (not that you will feel much like it) and of course most hospitals do not like you going home alone and most definitely not by public transport (just in case your wound bleeds) so you will need to make some arrangements with a friend or neighbour for that/

Otherwise no problems.

I agree with Yatsura and Bob. My son drove me home and stayed for one night. I had prepared a meal for him to heat up but did it myself.

They said not to drive for 2 days but I didn't feel like doing so for 4. I then drove 2 miles to the local supermarket.

Preparation is vital. Then rest up for a couple of weeks.

There's no saying how you are going to feel after your ablation. I've had three and after the first felt fine for the first few days and then was knocked sideways for about week, after the second it dragged on for almost a month (felt fine unless I actually tried to do anything, like walk anywhere then I'd very quickly became exhausted) and after the third I was back to normal almost immediately. I guess it depends on how much work and exactly what your EP will have to do.

I was told I couldn't drive for 2 days after the procedure and was looked after for the first two days and then was ok on my own.


As the others have said - a wee bit of prep regarding shopping and meals, laundry etc.

I could function on a day to day basis the day after leaving hospital but don't plan anything strenuous.

I was advised on how to climb stairs - i.e. Climbing - use the leg without the wound - Descending use the leg with the wound - that way you don't strain the wound. I had a letter saying I wasn't to drive for 7 days so be prepared for not being able to drive for a few days at least. Other than that, pacing and resting plenty. You may feel a bit sore around your back and chest and I had a sore throats and a dry cough from the TOE which took weeks to go and no-one warned me about.

Hope it goes well and is successful, best wishes CD

Thanks for all your replies. I am also a Yank from the Pacific Northwest USA.

Hi, I had an ablation in November of 2015 which the EP admitted was unsuccessful.I went home the evening of the procedure and I was very sore and swollen around the chest and neck for the first 2 to 3 days following the ablation. Take it easy on yourself for at least a week. Wishing you well from Washington state!

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