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AV node procedure"misgivings"

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Hi Barry I hope you are continuing to enjoy "your new condition". since your AV node ablation. I have just received a call from the local hospital offering me Weds 7th December for AV procedure. I too have endured A/F for 6years and 3 Ablations countless Cardioversions too many "pills to point a stick at" now face a procedure that I know little about. That hope fully is where you come in. On some posts there is concern expressed about "last resorts". How did you feel about that aspect? Did you feel better immediately as I assumed the benefits come when your PM is set 3mths after insertion. So you know unlike you breathlessness was not my biggest challenge. I suffered far greater with very very low energy levels,like the battery that runs out early rather than the one that keeps going longer and my hope is to feel as you do re-energised. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated.

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Magnesium, CoQ10 and L-Carnitine together may help the energy levels. See Dr Sinatra's The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology available from Amazon. Or see Dr John Day's website: drjohnday.com

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Thank you Polski for your advices which are greatly appreciated. However after the ten measures,as highlighted in the Dr John summary some of which I have tried,I think I probably fall into the Catagory if all then fails then Ablation is worth perusing. Well been there on3 occasions also with no luck so going to the GP with my misgivings next week and hoping for some focus on the AV node.😊

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Fine - Do read up about it on the AFA website, if you haven't already - That should increase your understanding, and so help you to know what to ask the GP etc. Wishing you all the best, that you'll find the best way forward for you, and so be able to proceed with maximum confidence.

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Hi Polski

CoQ10 is great for boosting energy levels. Unfortunately here in Australia the cost of it putts it into what my wife calls me as high cost monthly maintenance. The right CoQ must be made from seaweed as well as made in Japan. There are cheaper versions made from tobacco leaf which are not as good according to my friend who is a Biochemist. The cost here in Australia is around $65 a bottle which lasts for one month.......that's $780 per year which is not in my budget.

The node ablation has taken me off all antiarythmic drugs and now with the blood flow going around my body uninterrupted by,AF, I'm feeling a million dollars.

Hi Ladysmith

I didn't worry about the last resort business......that's just a mindset. I'm more interested in quality of life than anything else.

I too were suffering extremely low energy levels to a point where I did not want to go anywhere or prepare meals for my wife who still works.

So after having the AV Node ablation I've noticed that I'm not laying on the couch as much anymore, I can make my own lunch and feel like doing things.

This is due to the heart rate set immediately after being ablated to 80bpm then four weeks later down to 70bpm and in another two weeks down to 60bpm. Before the ablation my heart rate was stuck constantly on 100bpm for four months.

Ive had my pacemaker for four years so that's not a problem.........remember that any procedure we have we cannot go back.......I've had two RF ablations and one cardioversion of which we cannot reverse any of that. It's all in the mindset.



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