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Dizziness - AF symptom?

Just reading one or two posts on here, I was diagnosed with AF this year, after 61 hours with HR of 200+ and have been taking Bisoprolol 1.25mg since.

I have been having what I call dizzy spells for several years now, sometimes so bad that even turning over in bed can make me nauseous - but never identified a cause. To be honest, I never even mentioned them to my GP, but, since taking the Bisoprolol, I've only had one episode of dizziness, about 6 weeks ago, which coincided with -for me- low blood pressure.

Until reading Bob's reply today I had never connected my dizziness and the AF, but to have an answer for something that has bothered me for a long time is brilliant!

I have my first visit to the Cardio tomorrow, but as I'm only experiencing ectopic beats, I'm not expecting much to happen, hope this lasts!

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I had a lot of dizziness before my AF was diagnosed.It happened anywhere at any time and was very frightening. I did not associate it with AF but as soon as

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I had lots of episodes of dizziness before my AF was diagnosed.I was then prescribed Verapomil which quietened my heart down and I have been 'alright 'ever since.The dosage has been adjusted once but it does the trick.Good luck with your appointment.


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