Past SVT and expecting a baby

Hello everyone

One for the ladies or anyone that has knowledge around this, some of you who may remember me know I had complex SVT two ablations later I am now symptom free for 12 months.

I am now expecting my first baby and have been put down as high risk due to my past medical history, does anyone know or had children after living with an Arrythmia? Not sure what info I am looking for just anyone who has had this situation

Thanks all x

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  • Thank you so much! Yes hopefully some people may be able to share stories lol.

    Did your niece have a natural birth or c-sec if you are aware? Xx

  • I had an AF diagnosed in my 60s but the surgeon who fixed something else, also heart related, at the same time was convinced I had had it all my life.I had my only child at 39 via a c section.....all went well.

  • Arrhythmias are more more common in pregnancy as the heart rate increases particularly in the last trimester, but it seems a bit much to call you high risk, but just not low risk.

    Keep off all the stimulant drinks and anxiety provoking situations and doubtless all will be fine

  • Congratulations:)) yes..I had my second baby with a lot of arrythmias heart tended to go too slow during pregnancy. I had a c section. all boy10lb 13!!! My friend has had SVT since childhood and is very symptomatic regularly..she just had her second baby. She was monitored by her EP every 4 weeks. Best wishes and have a great pregnancy xxx

  • Thank you, very reassuring, did you have a planned c-sec or emergency? Just trying to work out what my birth plan may be as I haven't seen the consultant yet d x

  • I had been diagnosed with paroxysmal AF and the general cardiologist said that I could have a normal birth even if I went into AF during the delivery. Maternity were not so keen on that though. i tried for a normal birth but ended up with emergency c section but only because the labour wasnt progressing (nothing to do with the heart). if i were to do it again, i would go for a planned c section to be honest. like you, i have atrial tachycardia as well...flippin nightmare sometimes. you will be well looked after if you are under consultant obstretrician care and you will be well monitored. SVT seems more and more common amongst young women now..or maybe i just notice more when people mention that they have it!!!!

  • My daughter (due to have a planned induced birth in January) does not have arrythmia but has a coronary artery aneurism, following open heart surgery in 2000 to correct her condition ALCAPA, present from birth. I bring her history into this thread because I believe you are in London as she is. The care for her has been wonderful as I hope it will be for you. If you are down as high risk (as she is) then make sure your heart team communicate with your birthing team as to what your specific needs might be and who should be in attendance and what extra care you might need. Ask every question that you can think of - what if, when, why - and don't be fobbed off!

    Wonderful news, congratulations and the best of luck!

  • Congratulations!!!

    I would have been worried if they hadn't classified you as high risk.

    If I remember correctly you were last under Professor Schilling? Anyway who ever you were under I would contact them ASAP and get an appointment ASAP with them (or get referral to one of their colleagues if one of them has specialised expertise of arrhythmia during pregnancy).

    I would also contact the arrhythmia alliance patients helpline.

    I know it will be an expense that you could do without but I would seriously consider having a private appointment so you get it quickly because after all your health and your baby's health is paramount and so important.

    Afraid can't be much help on the practical advice!!!

  • Thanks Peter yes I was under Prof Schilling I was thinking about making contact for any advice as he always was helpful to me.

    Thank you for the advice!

  • Lovely team they looked after me. Suggest you speak to Claire his nurse, she is brilliant and will get all your questions answered.

  • Yes they are a brilliant team looked after me for two years and through two ablations I was very lucky. Yes spoke to claire also, good idea I may get in touch

  • I can't remember whether or not you have a BP machine and or a Kardia (aka AliveCor).

    If you don't have a BP machine then I wold buy one of the NICE approved ones for AF and monitor your BP at the same time morning and evening. Although they store the data I would write down on a log (am on left table and pm on rift table so you can pickup any trends much quicker. Realistically monthly is too far apart.

  • Congratulations!! how lovely for you, I too had arrhythmias that started with my first child,then monitored throughout with my second, both emergency c -sections but absolutely fine and safe deliveries!

    Cannot think of a better distraction from this condition for you than a new baby!

    Good luck,

    Wendi xx

  • Thanks Wendi

    This is very reassuring, thanks for all your kind advice x

  • I've had 2 children living with arrhythmia but I am a man!

  • Hi I have complex svt and ectopic beats too, and have had two ablations, I have 5 children and the last one at 44, at home.i am on 200mg of definitely slows you down but eat paleo and excersise and develope a strong pray life and all will go well.when you are pregnant you have special graces from God because he loves you and your baby so much.

    You are in my prayers,

    Too blessed to be stressed,


  • This is lovely advice thank you very much Debbie

  • Congratulations Dee, fanbloomintastic news.......I've got no idea about your question.....but I see many have wishes, John

  • Just want to say congratulations Dee.


  • Hi I have paf I had my girl 3 years ago. I had consultant led care and had a few episodes during pregnancy I was told it could get better or worse during pregnancy. I had a planned c section in the end but they did say I could try for a natural birth but because I knew my triggers e.g. Stress exercise I had a planned c section plus I had already had one previously with my son . If you have any questions please feel feee to message me. I also went back on my heart medication verapamil during the last stages of pregnancy as my episodes increased.

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