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Day 1on bisoprolol and rivaroxaban

Hi I've just been taken off flecainide and aspirin as my diagnosis was changed yesterday from A/f, to heart flutter which apparently flecainide can make worse. So today is day 1 of 2.5mg of bisoprolol, my first beta blocker, in morning and 20mg of rivaroxaban in evening. Hopefully this will get rid of he constant flutter I've had for the past week. Grateful to hear of any tips from anyone with relevant experience. Alistair

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Alistair, I assume you have just started both medications and weren't on rivaroxaban before?

Great that you have flutter rather than AF!

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Yes they're both brand new to me so I'm full of optimism that they will stop the flutter and let me get back to a position where I can walk upstairs without getting out of breath.


Well, the rivaroxaban will give you some protection from stroke. I take it and rate it highly as it gives me a great feeling of security. It won't treat the flutter.

Bisoprolol seems to be the drug most often used and lots of forum members take it. I think it offers both rhythm and rate control. I hope it works for you!


I'm on both. But higher rate for bisopolol.

Doing ok.

Even with all the stress. Which I can't help.

Good luck.

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Thanks Gwen. Have you looked at EFT for stress management. You simply tap certain points on your body for a few moments. Many people find it greatly reduces stress.


Bless you for caring.

My stress us due to my wonderful husband ,he has just beaten bladder cancer and was doing really well.

He went to the dr with what we both thought was indigestion. But sadly told he had stomach cancer.

Awaiting another test. Another Dr. Rubbish specialist nurse. No support.

It's extremely stressful right now.

But. We shall Keep smiling. We gave a five week old grandaughter. Keeping us going.

I'm just taking the pills and trying to keep calm.

Thank you muchness for your thoughts.

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Oh bless you both! sending empathy for your situation, remember your husband has beaten this before! I hope you can keep strong and not forget to look after YOU! How lovely to have a new granddaughter in your lives,enjoy.

All the very best



We all have problems.

Plus AF.

But I thank you for your mail.

Thursday will be another trial.

But hey ho.

Some others are in same boat.

Huggles.gwyn x


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