Flecanaide and Bisoprolol as PIP?

Do any of you take the above combination as PIP? I do have all pills here and my doc leaves it pretty much to me what to do. I took Flecanaide after the ablation and tried two dosages (100/100 and 50/50). Always just better for one day, then same or worse. So I stopped it. Propafenone the same.

Right now taking nothing, just Biso when PAF comes on for rate control. So do I just take the Flecanaide without Biso and give it two hours? Problem is, that my rate in PAF goes up to 150 and higher, bad to take over a longer time. Even on Biso when in AF never below 100.

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  • I researched PIP but delayed self-administering it until I had the advice of a specialist. I am glad I waited. She explained that usually people are on bisoprolol, therefore whenever I felt something unusual, I should take Flecainide. But, since I did not like it, she differed with me but did not insist, and simply told me that for me, PIP was both.

    Since then I have learned to differentiate. If problems are due to stress, then irregularities build up and tachycardia chips in. There are reasons for this. The increased rate usually masters the irregularities and makes them regular, so that classical tachycardia -- regular, with quick end, ideally takes place. In this case the solution, in my opinion, and I will discuss this with my specialist next time I see her, the solution is Flecainide, to fight the problem, which is irregularities. Then the rate controller notices the job is done, and pipes down.

    If though I overdo it physically, and my heart rate stays at 90-100 and just will not go down, I take some bisoprolol.

    If in doubt, I take both. Some people then go for a relaxing walk, which calms them as a walk often does. Others just take a hot drink and take a long siesta.

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