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Appointment at Freeman Hospital

Well, it appears I probably don't have a-fib or a-flutter, but probably Atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia (AVNRT)(I'm sure they make these long words ip just to confuse you) Still needs an operation (waiting list 6-8 months), they will check the diagnosis when I'm in. Whether it is AVNRT or not, still an ablation, just on a different part.

Meanwhile, taken me off bisopronol, and put me on verapamil which he says should control it (if I don't react badly to it)

Anyone out there any experience of verapamil?

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I guess that was a surprise, I'm not really familiar with NVART. I'm sorry you have to wait that long, I hope you aren't as uncomfortable as I am. I'm in the US and should hear tomorrow when my cryoablation is scheduled, but it should be just a few weeks out at most. I hope the new medication helps with no bad effects. I just hate taking all these drugs, never had a calcium channel blocker, but wish I could get off all of them.

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Good luck with your treatment

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