Saw the EP this morning, I'm now on his urgent list for a second procedure along with investigations into why I'm having "several runs of tachycardia " each day, that are not related to the PAF. Urgent apparently means anytime in the next 9 months!!! My blood pressure is quite low too 100/44. My son (the paramedic) tells me I need to eat more salt, so I'm going to be on one side of the table pouring it over my food and Mike will be on the other side of the table looking on because he has to restrict his intake.

Once again I am so thankful to have been born in this day and age when something can be done to relieve this mongrel condition

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  • Glad you have got some answers at last. Take care, Jackie.

  • Thanks Jay

  • Lucky you on the salt front! I used to wash it off salted nuts but never buy them now.

    I do agree that we are amazingly lucky to be able to have the treatments that are available today.

    Good luck with the waiting list. You might find that you could be called in at fairly short notice when someone has an INR problem and can't take their place.

  • Problem is I'm not that keen on salt, I prefer the natural flavours

  • Perhaps that's why your blood pressure is low!

  • Without a doubt Rellim, I've been read the riot act, gone through all the options and agreed to flavoured crisps, not going to do my diet any good though!!!

  • I noticed we had salted crisps for lunch at Patients' Day!

  • Ah well at least you are in the loop. Roasted peanuts to the fore.


  • In the loop indeed, there was no ummm or errrring, just, "we need to get you in," think I've got a good un here.

    I think it's going to have to be flavoured crisps rather than straight salt though.

  • I'm sorry you're having problems. You always seem so cheerful and upbeat. Are you taking any meds? Hope you get seen soon, up to 9 months is ludicrous! Jan

  • I'm fine Jan, in the great scheme of things this is just a blip. Nine months is not too bad when you think of how it went first time around and I might get a cancellation again but not next month I hope because we are in Oura for the whole of November!!!!

  • I also had to have an ablation for tachycardia as well as Paf. I had a reveal device implanted that showed like you I was having many episodes a day. During my first ablation for svt it worked for a while but ended up having another as it had found another pathway (amazing heart) I then had a second for AVRNT which was the type of svt (tachycardia) I've not had a problem with it since so it was a real success, I was awake throughout the procedure and recovered well. My 3rd and final so far was a paulmonary vein isolation, this was to treat debilitating Paf, was a long procedure but I was a sleep, took me a few months to get back on my feet, but was so worth it as I've been Paf free, like you I'm truley thankful of living in an era of hope with medical advances in the condition improving all the time... It is truly wonderful what they can do!

    I wish you well on you journey to recovery... Once you get there it's great... I'm 36 and now living my life again and enjoy all the simple things that often people take for granted, who thought that walking kids to school would fill one with such joy or pushing the Hoover around!

    Kind Regards 😊

  • Yes Charl you're right, it's the things like walking whenever you want, just getting in the car and going for a drive, and even the hoovering, being independent is so important to me and I am so grateful that they are able to deal with this problem

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