I spoke too soon !!

I felt a bit breathless over the weekend, but just put it down to exertion, then on Monday a significant difference walking up hill, I had an appointment with nurse yesterday, re: blood pressure because of increasing candasartan and got her to check pulse, phoned my amazing arrhythmia nurse who wanted ecg asap faxed to her, this morning ecg confirmed "Its back " ............ seeing arrhythmia nurse next Thursday to discuss next plan !!!

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  • Is that post ablation? How long?

  • No Robert it's 4 months after my 2 nd cardioversion , but this time on Amiodarone.

  • How is the ameidarone working for You? Was just put on it last week when 5 cardioversions didn't work...are you having any side effects? And is controlling you Afib?

  • Hi reflections, Amiodarone didn't get me in nsr on its own but after a DCCV it held me in nsr until this week. My side effects have included an uncomfortable sensation in my heart on week two of taking them, then sensitivity to sun, I was waking up about 15/20 times a night an kept getting really hot, but my arrhythmia nurse halved the dose to 100 mg which I have plodded along on quite nicely symptom and side effect free........until now !!

  • OK so now we know two things. DCCV put you into NSR which made you feel much better and secondly it didn't last more than four months. Better than some but disappointing never the less . Next step could well be an ablation if you are up for it but lets not get ahead of things. Arrhythmia nurses rock eh!

  • Mine is brilliant Bob I have her direct number (answerphone) and if any problems she normally responds within 24 hours with answers. She has also said about ablation is maybe the next step, but has to run it by the cardiologist, the procedure isn't done in Dorchester ( I'm in Weymouth ) so it'll be a day trip to Bournemouth . I'll tell all next week after I've seen her !!! ❤️💛💚

  • Yes I was Patient Rep on the BHF committee which piloted the Arrhythmia Nurse Scheme and was totally besotted by mine who was so efficient. On one occasion when I was abroad I e mailed her and her reply within two hours kept me out of hospital and enabled me to fly home when the trip was over. (They wanted to send me to a specialist hospital miles away when all I wanted was a new supply of drugs). That was a lot of years ago and she now has a family and is no longer working bless her. If you have a good one they are worth their weight in gold and the EPs love them as they take so much work on and are often pretty autonomous, only needing a nod from the boss. Highly trained most of them often more than even registrars where AF is concerned.

  • I see an electrophysioligist and had 5 cardioversions last week and all of them lasted 1 minute in sinus rythem!! So was in hospital to do a loading on sodilol which didn't work but now on ameidarone. Making a difference! Feel great...no major side effects either....i also felt breathless and was not only put on ameidarone but also a diuretic and metoprolol...so far so good. Please make sure you see an electrophysioligist they know their business!!!

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