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I have paf and am on 7.5 Bisoprolol and warfarin, have been for years. I have never seen an e.p., only the arrhythmia nurse and once the cardiologist. I have been getting more frequent episodes (about once a fortnight) and am in bed then for a day and exhausted the next day (usual outcomes as you will all know). So I phoned the hospital and asked to see the nurse but because I had not been seen for over a year I have to go through the rigarmarole:- 1) G P appointment 2) surgery ECG (which never catches my af) 3) letter from gp to hospital 4)await app to be sent. This will take how long!!!! Very poor A F care here in North Wales. I am 79 and female. Maybe I am too old to thought worth looking after.

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  • How very frustrating for you - to say the least! I wonder whether you might be in a position to see an EP privately in order to speed things up a bit? From what people have said here I think a consultation costs about £250 and I know there are other Forum contributors in N. Wales who might be able to offer information/advice about EP consultants.

    In the meantime, start the ball rolling with your GP and stress that you are willing to accept a 'short notice'/cancellation appointment at the hospital. I did that earlier this year re. a non-AF condition. I was told there was a 30 week waiting list (!), but then got a last-minute cancellation just a few weeks later and once 'in the system' things have been pretty good.

  • Yes.getting on a cancellation list...if the dept., holds one, sometimes they do not.... is a good idea and I too have done it a couple of times/non AF medical conditions and been seen within a week or two and once the next day!

  • I also live in North Wales, in Flintshire.

    I have had good care, but purely by chance. Your story could have been written by two friends of mine who are also struggling.

    I was referred by a locally based Cardiologist to the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital at Broadgreen to see an Electrophysiologist. Dr Derrick Todd.

    I had an ablation 3 years ago. I was told that they draw the line on ablations at 80 years of age. Other locations may be different.

    LHCH is rated as a centre of excellence. I cannot fault their care. My only problem is that it is an absolute bastard to find. The best sat nav is L14 3LB.

    Remember, he who shouts loudest gets the most attention. Your quality of life is currently not good. In your position I would demand an appointment with an EP via your GP. Hospital transport can be provided to Liverpool.

  • many thanks Jenny very useful info.

  • 90 year old family member has had an ablation lately. He has other health problems too but stable health wise. Never too old. X

  • I also live in Flintshire, and attend Wrexham hospital. I'm 52, with persistent AF, currently with around 2-3 episodes a week, lasting 48 hours. Last week I had the 24 hour monitor, and was actually rather pleased that my heart went crazy for most of the time! I have an appointment for an echocardiogram on the 9th June, but the next appointment with the nurse isn't until the end of July. Feel frustrated that I have to spend most of life currently, in near permanent fast AF. I'm an ex-nurse so I understand the problem with staffing and resources, but there doesn't seem to be any flexibility in the system for seeing some people quicker. In the past 2 months I went to A & E twice as felt so ill. The first time had electric cardioversion then sent home in the middle of the night, had to get a taxi by myself just after general anaesthetic! The second time admitted onto ACU for meds change and monitoring - the staff were all so lovely though. Now hoping that when the arrhythmia nurse sees the holter monitor results she may call to bring the July appointment forward - well we can live in hope! Mavisrich - hope you manage to see someone soon :o)

  • It can be difficult to get AF to oblige when you have an ECG booked. Perhaps your GP would loan you a pocket monitor or you could invest in a Kardia. The readings either of these would generate would be helpful to an EP when you see one. Otherwise you could perhaps turn up at A & E or your surgery when in AF and get an ECG then.

    My EP told me he does ablations at any age if a heart is likely to respond well and age is not a barrier.

  • Our hospital has what they call, a chest pain clinic. It's like a mini A&E for cardiac problems. No appointment needed and you will be seen and checked and referred on if necessary. If and whenever my AF returns, that's where I will start. Good system. Here's hoping there's no age limit as I've just turned 80!!! 😳👀

  • that sounds a fantastic place. Nothing like that in North Wales I am afraid.

  • I only joined this site two days ago, and it's lovely to see how supportive everyone is here. Does anyone know if there are any groups of people who actually meet up in North Wales? Thanks, Wendy.

  • Hi Wendy the nearest group is Liverpool but I was told we would get help if we wanted to start a group cheers Mavis

  • Hi.

    Im in bangor

    Ive seen the arythmia nurse twice in thd two years.

    Nit much help either

    Where are you all in mth wales?

    Maybd we can meet up?

  • Hi Gwyn, thank you for replying. However, I've just moved away from Wales, to the Midlands. I've got an appointment to see a cardiologist in two weeks. Good luck with your health :o)

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