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Shock treatment


Has anybody had this treatment and how was it???

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Well I opened the bill and that was a shock. lol Seriously if you refer to cardioversion it is fine. You go to hospital. usually the ante room to an operating theatre where they prepare you with a canula in your arm and two pads either front and back or one each side of your chest. Some fairy juice goes in your arm and whilst you are away playing with the fairies a shock is given across the two pads which if you are lucky puts you back into normal rhythm.

It isn't a cure for AF but it may keep you in NSR for a while, weeks,months or years even or it may only last a short time. If you feel better in NSR then it can point direction to other treatment such as ablation.

Obviously you are not allowed to drive for a day or two but if all goes well you go home the same day feeling better. Five minute job. Easy peasy.


I'm assuming you mean a Direct current cardioversion to put you back into a proper ( sinus ) rhythm.

Very many of us on this forum have had this. I have had a total of 16 to date . They are absolutely nothing to worry about and all over in a few minutes.

You can find out more about the procedure by following the search button at the top right hand corner of the screen. Key in DCCV and you will find details of other members experiences


Nothing to worry about - very quick, you're out for it so completely unaware of it. Sometimes soreness for a few days where pad is placed on your chest but that is it.

Nothing to it. I've had it twice. Both times they did an ECG, weighed me, put a cannula in my arm for the anaesthetic, I went to sleep and knew nothing until I woke up with no ill effects whatsoever. (Except disappointment as it was the first night of The Secret and I had been worried about being admitted and missing it, so I dreamt about James Nesbitt and I awoke just as I was enjoying his company) 😀

As you can see a lot of us have had a Cardioversion including myself......easiest one of all!

If you want to see one just utube it and you may or may not want to go through it 😂

Maybe don't utube it 😬

I had cardioversion 7 years ago and have stayed in sinus rhythm since....and long may it continue.

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