Which way now !!!!

Have been off sick from work since end of July as my AF was all over the place and I was experiencing quite nasty chest pains. Had to attend A@E a couple of times but just sent home.The GP increased my bisoprolol to 10mg each day and eventually AF more settled. I was referred back to the cardiologist because of the chest pains. Had clinic appointment about a month ago. Had exercise stress test done and managed it ok. ECG was ok and bloods fine. No sign of heart damage but I do have LV dysfunction as well as the AF. Was told they didn't want to see me for another 6 months but as I haven't had a heart scan for quite a while (2012) I was to have another. This has been arranged for 4 th November. Cardiologist did say I might have slight angina but dismissed heart failure even though GP had said that was why I was on ramipril. Anyway spoke to GP this morning to get my sick note extended and he is saying unlikely to be angina as I wouldn't have been able to complete the stress test. But I am still having occasional chest pains. Again up in the air with one medic saying one thing and another saying another. I know (or hope) the heart scan will determine what's happening but I thought I would put a post on here this morning as get more sense and understanding. Some days I am full of beans and others feel like I have mountains to climb.

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  • Hello! I hope someone will respond with either sense or understanding or even both, but I don't know much about angina or heart failure, so can't help.

    I'm just saying hello so your post doesn't sink out of sight.

  • Just wanted to say that any heart pain is usually because of insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle and should be taken seriously so whatever the reason is- do go to A and E if you get pain so it can be checked out and acute measures taken if needed

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Yes I will always take myself to A@E even if it means them doing nothing and sending me home. Better safe than sorry.

  • Hi giddy.. Before my first ablation, I was in persistent AF, and I used to get pains just between my chest and my neck, and was advised it was a minor angina. This went on for years. After my ablations, now my AF and Tachy have been corrected I haven't had any pain for 3 years. Even though in the early period after my 1st ablation (I've had 3) when I went back into AF I did have that pain back (intense)... I did use a spray to alleviate this, but not needed for 3 years now.

    Where is your pain?.


  • Hi thanks for your reply. The pain is on the left side of my chest just above my diaphragm. The strangest thing is it only lasts a matter of seconds then radiates into my left arm and becomes dull ache. I have mentioned this repeatedly to medics but no response.

  • This is typical of heart related pain so they should always take notice. Similarly, jaw pain sometimes accompanies this type of pain

    Do take care and don't delay getting any help needed

  • Stress test may occasionally fail to be positive in angina but does make it unlikely, so you the go onto perfusion scan , coronary ct, stress echo or similar to check further as you are doing. But some people have non cardiac chest pains with all tests negative- just look at the anxiety section of this website to see numerous examples.

    Your echo mentions lv dysfunction which is a technical description whereas cardiac failure is a clinical description, but the two are related and that is why it is reasonable for you to be on ramipril,

    Do you know what your ejection fraction was in %?Less than 40 is usually considered lv systolic dysfunction. If this progresses the heart will be unable to compensate and the clinical signs of heart failure develop.

    I think they are really talking from the same page and there are clearly some questions marks about angina and heart failure, but as yet no definite diagnostic evidence.

  • A doctor at A&E once told my wife that no cause is found for the chest pain in 50% of patients attending.

  • Have you got a hiatus hernia? This could be the cause of your chest pains. There is a connection between a hiatus hernia and AF via the vagus nerve. Medics often dismiss it. Check it out though.

  • I absolutely agree with the hiatus hernia theory....check it out...I believe that my hiatus hernia is the trigger for my AF.

  • It is sure the cause of my chest pain 99% of the time.

  • if you want to consider this further you could try some regular omeprazole 10-20mg daily (available over the counter) to see if they work to improve this. If they do, then discuss further with your GP.

    Generally the pains from reflux or usually on lying down or bending forward, particularly after food

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I have been on omeprazole in the past but now on high strength ranitidine 300 mg each day which is for reflux following radiotherapy on my abdomen after testicular cancer in 2007. I have asked doctors repeatedly has the radiotherapy affected my heart and no response. Really feel clutching at straws most of the time but appreciate your suggestions. Suppose will have to just wait until echo next week !!

  • Your getting rather greedy with the number of problems you've had, but perhaps reflux could be a source of your chest pains?

  • LOL. Tell me about it. Seem to get settled then something else. Was taken off the omeprazole because wasn't strong enough. Once I've had the scan can,start asking more questions. Thanks for your replies.

  • I've been taking various PPI's since 2001 and had two duodenal ulcers but never helicobacter pylori.

  • I've had an endoscope into my stomach everything fine and no heliibacta present.

  • I had a stool test and no helicobactor. I refuse Endoscopies because of my gag reflex and my uncle and a GP a the last practice I went to went into cardiac arrest during them.

    My GP is arranging for me to have a Virtual gastroscopy as my symptoms have been worsening over the past year.

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