Argh ! !

Yet again, just an hour ago I have received yet another letter from my EP cancelling my appointment for tomorrow. This is the third time, original date was November 28th changed to 7th then cancelled, rearranged for 14th Feb then cancelled, changed to tomorrow now changed to March.

You get all geared up with a list of symptoms and questions and stress all for nothing. Last week my GP said that although my arteries are clear (angiogram fine), she thinks I am suffering Stress Angina as I get severe chest pains and says I can have a heart attack through stress no matter how clear my arteries are and I need to speak with cardiologist (EP) tomorrow when I see him (or not now).

Interestingly when I received the letter this morning (and also received, gratefully, an all clear letter for another condition which I was really terrified about for another potential illness which would have put AF well in the shade), the stress when opening them with fear and trepidation was sky high and lo and behold severe chest pain came on with a vengeance accompanied with lightheadedness and breathlessness.

If doctors really want to help us then please keep to appointments. Everyone understands emergencies and I don't expect preferential treatment, however all these cancellations are unacceptable. Bet I could see him in the blink of an eye if I pay to see him privately - argh!

When I was in hospital I was there two weeks and he did not come to see me, said he did not know I was there even though the emergency cardiology team (my original cardiologist cared for me and had referred me to the EP months before) said they had asked him to come and see me. It took the Arrhythmia nurse to drag him down two weeks in. Not seen him since. Hence the Argh ! !

Must make a cuppa now, chill, hope the chest pain eases and enjoy my other good medical news. My beautiful new first grandchild of two months will be visiting with her mum later. Life can be very good.

Keep well friends.

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  • Hi Meadfoot, you poor thing, I think I would be onto the secretary for an explanation at the very least. When I got a letter through the post and it told me I had to wait 5 weeks for an event monitor this was after I nearly passed out at home on my own I phoned the clinic direct had a mental meltdown on the phone and got one the same day. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your understanding Ms-J-W. It is a nuisance of a condition at best.

  • When my GP sat on a letter from hospital for a month, I rang PALS sometimes based at your local hospital, tell your story to them and watch the sparks fly. RESULT. They love patient feedback and PALS really upset my GP by faxing all the hospital letters to him again. Saw him Tuesday he was evil so going to new GP next week. They have access to your hospital records and can give you an answer. Rang them last year re my mums hospital stay, got in to see a consultant really quick and he had sleepless night according to my mum in case I went with her to see him. Go get em, you deserve the best.

  • Good idea. Would you believe I am a volunteer undertaking patient feedback and, doh, it had not occurred to me to contact PALS. How stupid am I, thanks for the prompt. I am quick to jump to the defense of others and then forget myself.

  • There you go, I have my uses, not many at the moment, glad to help in your hour of need. Shout away as much as you want. I live on my own, I know how I feel sometimes with no one around to hold my hand and say everything will be OK and feeling as if you can't carry on feeling as you do or even want to. Knowing that other people are worse off than you really does not help when you are at your lowest. Easy to count your blessings when you are not so bad.

  • Hi Dee and sorry that you are being messed about. This is a mongrel condition and we all get very upset about it but as you say there are worse th9ngs to have. I always said it was my AF journey which helped to put me in the right frame of mind when I had prostate cancer a couple of years ago.and AF took a back seat for a while. Hang in there but rattle some cages if you can.


  • Thanks Bob, sage words as always. Take Care and be well.

  • Hi Dee - How annoying for you and the amount of times you've had your appointment cancelled is totally unacceptable. I agree with Ms-J-W and I would ring your consultants secretary ASAP and tell her how you are feeling (as sweetly as you can - try and make her your friend). If you can bring into the conversation that 'they have a duty of care and that appears to be failing with so many of your appointments being cancelled'. If that doesn't work get onto the PALS team at your consultant's hospital. A friend of mine works for PALS and believe you me they get things moving.

  • Excellent suggestion, will be taking your advice. Just spoken to a friend of mine who is a governor at the Trust and she was not impressed, quite angry about it really.

  • Agree totally, it is a shame that PALS is not as well known as it should be. They are totally on the side of the patient and give good advice as well as fighting for you. They are there to get good feedback as well, mine even told me to let them know how I get on when I get to see the cardiologist next. Told me not to discuss things with GP anymore.

  • Great, I am sold on the suggestion, thanks.

  • Hi Dee,

    What a dispicable let down I was looking forward to hearing how you got on...Excellent news about your other condition though which was a bonus...Enjoy your daughter and grand child...and have a lovely evening.Carol...

  • Thanks Carol. Will be in touch once I have seen the EP mid March (hopefully). A good evening to you too. Dee.

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