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Hi i have Paroxamal AF , i had a Bad Attack of Angina before Christmas, and not felt 100% since My Specialist , has decided he wants me to go for a heart Scan, I am ok about that but i have to go for a stress test, because of my mobility they are going to Race my heart has anyone had this done? just worried it would start my AF off bad again,


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  • Hi Suzy

    I had this at the Brompton and it was fine I think it raised my BP by a small amount and pulse was a little higher- I had been worried it might set things off but no sign of anything.

  • Hi Rosy,

    thank you for your reply, hopefully mine will be okay too, :-) x

  • Hi Suzy, Do you mean a stress test where they raise your heart rate by drugs while they do scans. If so I had one done in November, I think it was called a Dolbutamine stress test. I was warned that it might kick off my AF but if it did I was in the best place to get it sorted. Got very anxious before it but have to say the staff were fantastic and very reassuring, strangely, even though I have fast AF when I have it, it they had difficulty getting my heart rate to where they wanted it and had to give me something else which I think was Atropine to get my rate a bit higher. I got so anxious that I was having loads of ectopic beats which the sonographer said just made it a bit more of a challenge.It is a weird sensation but within 5 minutes of stopping drug heart rate is more or less back to normal, and no AF as a result of it. Hope this is helpful . Best wishes Kath

  • Hi Kath,

    yes they are going to Raise my heartrate by drugs while do Scans, Ecg , etc i have the fast AF too, which has got settled at the moment , Flecanide has helped but i had a bad Angina Attack before Christmas, well we think that's what it was so want to check out to See if My Arterys are Narrowed or blocked, i get very anxious too but you have put my mind at rest now, thank you so much for your reply. Suzy

  • Hi Suzy, I hope all goes well with your test,they thought I might have some coronary artery disease but on the result of this test they said not. I was offered an angiogram or this test but plumped for this one as it was less invasive, before they started I asked the sonographer was it the right choice as the registrar thought I should have angiogram and she said that NICE now say this test should be done first off before angiogram. Investigations are never something to look forward to are they? I really do hope it all goes well. My best wishes Kath

  • Thank you Kath,

    its helped me a lot will let you know how i go, its so nice to speak to people on here i have found out so much, thank you for your help.


  • Just to add that I had a similar pocedure about a year ago. Although I had episodes of paroxysmal AF I was free at the time of the scan and all went well. In my case the exercise to stress the heart was just squeezing a rubber ball after an injection.

  • Thank you :-) i dont feel so bad about it now, was just worried about that part not sure why, i have the heart scan the next day, Suzy

  • Hi, I had a stress test like the one you describe and it did not set off my AF. I agree with a previous post that it did feel a bit weird but soon past off. The drug worked immediately it was injected to raise my heart rate so be prepared for a quick response which took me by surprise.

    You will be fine. I had an angiogram too thereafter and that was nothing to worry about so if you did need one no sweat.

  • Hi

    thank you for your help, i dont feel so bad about it now,:-) was just worried about that part not sure why, think its because my AF settled at the moment and dont want it to set off again if can help it, Suzy

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