AF starting in the middle of the night again (The sequel)

Good morning All,

Back home safe and sound in NSR after DCCV early yesterday evening.

Having tried to get my rhythm back twice with extra Flecainide and Bispoprol on Tuesday it was clear to me that by mid morning yesterday that this course of action was not going to be successful on this occasion. In my personal experience once I go past the 24 hours mark the likelyhood of this course of action being successful is very remote.

I called the hospital and spoke to the Rhythm Nurse who after a long conversation about my symptoms recommended I go to the hospital to get checked out.

When I got there it didn't take long for the decision to be made to cardiovert me but as always there then followed hours of sitting on a trolley waiting for a slot in the system to get it done.

I have nothing but good words to say about my hospital however and it was clear to me that they sorted me out at the earliest opportunity even though for me it was hours of boredom waiting.

I had a message from my EP to say 'do not loose heart (excuse the pun) and that going back into AF at this stage after my last ablation is not necessarily a sign that it was not successful". As we have often discussed on this forum sadly this is the case and unfortunately I will have to hope that this was only an isolated episode.

Another interesting snippet I got from my discharge notes was that although they did cardiovert me (125J synchronised biphasic shock), actually I cardioverted to sinus rhythm spontaneously on Propofol injection (The anaesthetic).

I now hope that my heart will stay as calm as it is right now.

As always thank you all for your support during the past few days it means a lot.


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  • Glad things are OK again Pete.

    Was it actually AF or atrial tachycardia? The latter is quite common post ablation and I had to be DCCV'd at around three weeks to a month after all my ablations. Sometimes quite hard to tell the difference.

  • Yes it was AF Bob.

    I had an ECG on Tuesday and a number yesterday all with the same diagnosis.

    It is all very frustrating but I am trying to "keep my pecker up" and stay positive. As always when back in NSR the brain says "what was all the fuss about" but I know that when I am in AF my brain says quite the opposite.

    After all these years it all wears me down but having researched my EP I now realise that as I thought he is very experienced and wrote a number of papers on AF whilst at Barts so I am in good hands!!!

    Take care


  • Glad your now feeling better Pete, it's always so disappointing for this to happen after ablation. May be a one off, I hope so.


  • Thanks Brenda

  • Good news and don't worry is it slips back again into AF.

    Your EP may well have co-authored with mine who is at Barts.

  • Yes I found a number of articles that were collaborations with my EP being named as co-author.

    Thanks as always for your support.


  • FLecanide seems to pop up with regularity....anyone here ever had one of the worse arrhythmia from this drug as stated in the black box warnings? All the antiarrythmia drugs have these awful possible side effects and wondering if anyone has actually had one?? On Multaq now and it seems to be losing its effectiveness.

  • I have only ever had AF and atrial flutter as far as I am aware.

    I went on Ameodorone once. I felt so bad that I had to come off it.

    The next couple of months until I see my EP again are critical as far as I am concerned. I am hoping to then have a full and frank discussion about all the issues.


  • "Keep my pecker up"? That's an interesting statement; is that some sort of British colloquialism? Smile ...

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