Abalation go ahead

Finally got electrophysiologost to agree to ablation. I've had side effects to most meds over the last few years meaning I was just on flecainide as PIP from January. I was living in fear of a afib turn and had a couple a month. They lasted 2 hours but enough to affect my QOL. I have wanted an ablation for some time but had to go through every other medication over the last few years to see if i could be medicated before they would agree to an ablation. Today they have put me on the waiting list😀. 10 weeks looks like the waiting time so doubtless be posting nearer the time as i get nervous !

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  • Gosh you are lucky where you live that it's so soon.

  • good luck hope all goes well

  • That's good news! And some EPs, with a big catchment area, have waiting lists that are much longer than ten weeks.

  • I saw my EP in August this year and my wait is 4 months - Leeds. Hence still waiting!

  • 16 to 20 weeks wait in Leicester

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