Off Warfarin and restarting

Came off warfarin due to having two colonoscopies two weeks apart. I'm on warfarin for afib permanent. I'm taking 75ml of heparin innohep daily to bridge. Going to have another colonoscopy again in two weeks and then restart warfarin again. Consultant said it's pointless going on and off warfarin and better to use heparin throughout these procedures, which makes sense. my question is about restarting warfarin, I'm anxious as endoscopy clinic seem a bit vague and this makes me worry. Am I started as if a new warfarin patient again rather than just take my original dose? I've been off it two months do it's out of my system now. Do I take heparin whilst I start warfarin? I'm going to ask this but have to wait for my next appt and my minds ticking over two to the dozen! thanks

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  • Goodness a lot on your plate... talk with your cardiologist- he will be more familiar with ACs and how to stop and start. Hope you find a solution quickly and all goes well with the colonoscopies. Here's to a better 2015.

  • I know what I was advised to do when in the same situation as you are in. However, it is not appropriate for me to pass that on to you, it is up to your specialist. All I will say is that with the increase of patients on warfarin, the specialists know exactly how to deal with this and you will find it very simple and easy, stop worrying and good luck!

  • The usual procedure is to restart at your original dose of warfarin and continue heparin until you have an INR in range. However this should be explained fully at your next appointment and you shouldn't leave until you have explicit instructions. It's not good enough for the endoscopy clinic not to know the answer - it's like they're in their very own little ivory tower!

  • I had to stop taking warfarin & self inject with Clexane before my gall bladder op. The day after my op. I started taking 9 mg warfarin again & continued with Clexane injections for 2 weeks as my INR was very slow coming up again.

  • I was told very little before my op. about how my warfarin was going to be managed, but it all worked out in the end, so I'm sure it will for you too. Don't worry about it & wishing you all the best.

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