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Invitation to put questions to EP/Cardiologist next Wednesday in Epsom

Hi All,

Instead of our monthly speaker our medical director, Dr Abhay Bajpai, Cardiologist and , Lead Arrhythmia Specialist at Epsom St Helier Trust, who does ablations at St Georges, is going to have a question and answers session on all things AF!!! We meet at 5pm at Epsom Hospital, Wednesday 5th October , Post Graduate Medical Centre, 2nd Floor of the Wells Wing,

Epsom is 33 minutes from Waterloo and the hospital is about 15 minutes walk from the station- there are buses too.

Everyone is very welcome to come and ask anything you like= it's a very friendly group so if you have anything to ask- come and do so!

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Hi there

Would love to attend this meeting as we have a lovely 11 year old son who has been diagnosed with SVT has had an abalation but unsuccessful. Would we be suited to attend as we would be very interested mainly from a paediatric point of view?

Many thanks


please see private message!! You are very welcome


Would realy love to come but live in Wales on myvown and findcit impossible. Have been on apixaban which was changed from padaxa 2 years ago because of a blood . Was started on warfrin after my cerebra clot 3cyears ago but because of the chemo i had for breast cancer 4 years ago was impossible so changed to one of the new anticagulants which didnt need blood test chech ups. Unfortunately i had a bleed on pradaxa so was changed a apixiban. Been on it now 2 years so fingers crossed. A f ks not being controlled atm and goes from 40 bpm to 110 bpm in the blink of an eye. Makes me very tired and is really scary. My cardiologist has tried me on bisoprodol and dixixin was on that for 1 year but made me so tired so changed to slozen which made my skin so blue and the viens in my legs were so prominent. He then changed me to amiodorone which worried me and scaed me so much i took it for 3 weeks then stopped . Spoke to my consultant about ot and seeing him on 16th oct. Does anyone have any experience with Disopyramide (antiarrithmic). I would prefer to take nothing but looks like i need to get this heartbeat under control. Can anyone suggest anything as i feel iscitcall worth it.


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