1 week on - first series of Ectopics

I know I must keep calm and will do my best. However I have been experiencing a number of Ectopics in the past couple of hours.

Yes Bob I am doing the breathing routine.

I think the reason I am nervous is the sense of security I have felt since my ablation because my heart has been so steady for the past 7 days

I ought to be used to all this after all these years but maybe I am just hyper sensitive.


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  • Sabine Ernst (look her up) once told me ectopics are a good sign. It shows that the heart is trying to go into AF and failing. Not too much comfort I know but true.

  • Thanks Bob

    All calm again now lasted for about 2 hours off and on.

    I appreciate your reply Bob.

    Will look up Sabine Ernst.


  • I had ablation in July and I have done that 3 times. Didn't last long. I am now almost 9 weeks post ablation and nothing! Hang in there. We can do this!!

  • Thanks Carol

    This is my 4th ablation and they also did a flutter ablation 7 years ago and repeated it this last time.

    I am a bit weary of it all but so far I would say that this time I am the most stable I have ever been after an ablation.

    I will hang in there!


  • Cor Bob i must be in overdrive. It seems like I've had them forever. I had them before the ablation and still get them. Not so many but much stronger. My EP told me that he can't do anything about them. Myself, I give a little bit of a curse and rest awhile.

  • My ablation was September 1, so you and I are on about the same path. Five days after ablation, I had 18 hours of hard palpitations. Doctors had said to expect palpitations or even afib for up to three months at which time I would wear a monitor for two weeks.

    After ablation I had not been given anti-rhythmic drugs. On the evening of the palpitations, decided to take pulse because it seemed slow and hard to count. Used an app on the phone. Heart rate was 35, 38, etc.

    Called ask a nurse. She said to get to hospital right away. Heart rate was 80; I asked if it was because I was nervous. They explained that phone apps cannot measure palpitations; soft fast beats are not picked up.

    I was put back on the rhythm meds. This did help in the days to come, but still had palpitations; Not as long or hard, though. They usually last about one half hour, go away for a bit, and often return. Because the EP said not to be concerned about this, I have been able to relax.

    After restarting the Flecainide I had to go back for EKG after one week. Happened to be having palpitations during the EKG. EP said it looked fine, and not to be concerned.

    Hope this relieves your mind a bit. All the best to you.

  • Sounds a bit like what happened to me on my previous ablation but your rate was more erratic.

    Interestingly I have always stayed on my meds before, during and after my numerous ablations. Not sure what the logic is - no doubt it is the same old thing that we are all different. In my case I have Lone PAF so no other underlying heart problems.

    Thanks for your supportive post.


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