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Work not wanting be back???

Thanks for support everyone ;my husband thinks we will lose our Home we have worked hard for all these years, so feeling desolate and useless,Re union work doesn't agree with them but I am still in RCN.

The job isn't nursing it's in restaurant so not sure they will help.Acas Web site said you had to pay to take company to task re disability law,but will ring them.

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What a worry.

If you feel you can still do the job and you are 'happy' working for them maybe you should plan your meeting in such a way that you convince them that they would be foolish to lose a good employee. Companies cannot operate without employees. My wife was once sacked due to their view she lacked experience. At her final interview she convinced them they were making a big mistake losing her skills. They reversed the decision and she became a key employee.

In the meantime there is nothing to stop you investigating other employment if you now feel up to it.

Try not to lose heart.



I'd have thought that if you were in a union then their scheme should cover you regardless as to whether it is a nursing role or not. Otherwise that's discrimination.

However even with a union you will need to make sure that you deal with someone who understands AF.


This is worrying, I've an appt tomorrow with the nurse at work to discuss my AF, I thought it best to make them aware, reading this I wish I hadn't now


You've done it now so don't worry about that. Just focus on preparing for the meeting.


This is worrying, I have an appt with the work nurse tomorrow as I've made them aware of my AF, wish I maybe hadn't now


I thought that the costs relate to lodging of the papers, etc. It used to be the case that an individual could not get the employer's costs awarded against them but if successful the employee's costs were repaid. Obviously nearly always the award covers lodging fees.


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