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Yesterday I received a letter addressed to my Gp to say unless I lose nearly 3 stone by November 10th I can't have procedure. I have struggled with my weight for over 20 years now and before that to never been slim,even been to slim clubs and only ever successful once when young.,and then it all went back on and more.Really depressed again why didn't they say this in May??? It's so stupid do none of them communicate with each other????? Feeling hopeless and useless.Even the diet book I should have received from diabetes hasn't come waited over a month. Argh! I am going to row now

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  • Hi Suzie,

    Sounds hugely frustrating - I'm not surprised you're mad!

    One thought that may help if you are diabetic - my Mum went to see Dr Charles Clark a few years back as she was borderline diabetic and the diet she was trying to lose weight wasn't working. He set out a different diet for her, taking into account the diabetic element, and she found she had a lot more success. He's long advocated low carbs for diabetes - you might find it interesting to look at what he says.

    His book is "The Diabetes Revolution" (Also at Amazon)

    He doesn't seem to have a website as such, but you'll find him mentioned in various articles.

    Personally I've had good results from the 5:2 (it doesn't feel as though you are giving anything up) but if you are diabetic, this may not be a good idea.


  • I have been trying to lose weight on my own as the help I asked for from Gp months ago hasn't appeared. I am boarding diabetic which is why dietitian suggested the diabetic diet which although ordered hasn't appeared. She said I was doing the right things when I saw her last month

  • Me too, with the 5:2. Started with Michael Moseley s blood sugar diet for 3 months. Now losing more, feeling great, diabetes receding. Low carb high fat works, for my hb too. JanR

  • Snap! Persistent AF and borderline diabetes (insulin resistant) 4 years ago, started Moseley's 5:2 and lost almost 3 stone! More importantly it has stayed off and there is no sign of diabetes; wish I could say as much for the AF! Just maintain constant weight by only eating in a four to five hour window. No restiction on what I eat, don't have to give up anything, just stick to the eating window. George

  • That is interesting. I have recently decided that I can safely skip breakfast - every day. That leaves me with two meals, lunch and dinner. I would space them at say, 12.30 and 6 pm. I'm sure that is going to be successful to maintain a little weight loss till I achieve my target.

  • Dietitian told me had to eat 3 meals each containing carbohydrates,because I was just eating salads for lunch. I thought that was sensible, but apparently not.

  • Some dietitians are still working in the dark ages. If advice to eat carbs in order to lose weight hasn't worked since the 60's, why keep giving it?

  • Hi jan-ran It takes a bit of getting used to but it really isn't difficult. For example, today I had a cheese and onion and tomato roll (wholemeal) at 3.00pm. this evening 6.30pm fried onion rice with peas topped with 2 roast chicken drumsticks and a small portion of chicken breast, pudding was apple pie with clotted cream. 8pm some chocolate. Won't eat again until tomorrow pm. Eeasy peasy. Small price to pay for no diabetes and stable weight.

  • Is a stone and a half a month, if it can be achieved, a prudent level of weight loss? It's about five pounds a week. It seems to me your GP should be on your side and giving you support here and perhaps referring you for speedy specialist help.

  • Just rang them apparently my Gp off sick, reception suggested I see nurse on Monday. Not very helpful!! :'(

  • A doctor who is "off sick"? Hhm. Can you perhaps ignore those inner feelings of uselessness and hopelessness here, Suzie, be dynamic and come to a decision as to whether to go for a drastic regime and see if you can lose the weight or to postpone the procedure and achieve the goal in a more gradual way. Help hasn't been coming your way and this demand for so much at such a late stage might enable you to find yourself fired up, empowered and in the driving seat. I'm not suggesting that one path is better than the other, just that deciding is a positive step.

  • I agree. That kind of weight loss will only lead to gall bladder problems.

  • It seems to me from what I read from quiet a lot of people's concerns with heart problems is that weight gain and loosing weight is a big problem for us all.

    I know I was doing 7 miles in the morning and 7 miles in the evening on my exercise bike after being told I needed to loose weight by the medical profession and dieting at same time, and I lost no weight (I kept a diary) . In fact my weight kept gaining bit by bit...... and my heart condition got worse.

    I think I would go back to your Dr and explain what you have been doing and ask for a re-appraisal Susieblue.

    Hope things go better soon.

  • From my own experience of being on some form of a diet for the last 40 years, there is absolutely no way to lose that amount of weight safely in 2 months, and the hospital staff should know that! It is at least reckless, and possibly dangerous for them to even suggest it.

    I agree with Relim, I would ask to delay the procedure, and find a safe way to move the weight once and for all.

    Personally I have found low carb to be the only thing that works for me long term, and Zoe Harcombe's website has helpful advice, and some decent recipes that don't leave you feeling deprived and miserable.

    Low carb is also good for diabetics, as it works with your body!

    You are not 'hopeless and useless' - but they most certainly are!!

  • Has anyone tried garnicia? It was on dr. Oz last year? I'm wondering if it would trigger my afib?

  • I also have given up soda and bread and swim for an hour 3 days week. Not a single pound lost in 3 months!

  • I use just one tablet a day, and I don't see any problems, but I wouldn't want to use the amount they recommend without knowing a lot more about it. (And that would be expensive!) However, I'm sure it helps. So does CLA and eating 1oz of almonds a day!

  • Suzieblue This has been very successful for those of us who have struggled with losing weight and keeping it off. My husband, who is a diabetic, joined me and lost down to where he no longer needed insulin. My Chron's disease is totally under control now with no meds. My gastroenterologist told me to keep doing whatever I was doing since it worked so well. It wouldn't hurt to check into it.

  • Same thing has happened with me. I've been following the Blood Sugar Diet. It's excellent. Buy the book! I've lost 1st in 3 weeks. It will slow down now but it's worth a shot.

    If you're heavy the risks of the procedure increase tremendously so it's not worth doing. So it's AF or lose weight. I was told that the AF might totally disappear then anyway.

    Good luck 😊

  • Hi Suzie,

    Like you I have struggled with my weight, but for the last 50 years! When I was diagnosed with AF I thought that I had to do something to get the weight off before I saw the EP. I had tried lots of different diets over time. This time it was different - I HAD TO DO IT. I joined Slimming World and with the help of a very good consultant, and members in the same boat, I lost 4 1/2 stone. It was a gradual loss which took me nearly a year, so don't expect to get the 3 stone off in 2 months. I think that is unrealistic. When my husband saw the results he decided to join me. He has type 2 diabetes and hypertension. After going for the last 5 months he is 3 stone lighter and has an appointment next week to review his medication. I had my ablation last December and have not had any episodes of AF since.

    I agree with the suggestion to postpone the procedure, get help to try to lose some weight and look forward to a life without AF.

    Stay strong,


  • .Two years ago...age 76...but still 'gallivanting' and wanting to continue doing so..

    I discussed with my GP reducing my food by one third.I am not diabetic or overweight but my eye was on ageing,doing less exercise(as an inevitability with the years marching on) and so on....I often felt 'rather full' as well. He said 'go for it, having carefully questioned what I was eating on a daily basis. I now feel very well indeed. This does not answer your is just 'a penny worth' into the pot of possibilities you might want to consider.

  • So sorry to hear that. Those of us with weight conserns totally understand your remarks. At a cousin reunion recently, we took a picture of our group. Every single one of us ( out of a group of about 20) were overweight. Some of us are genetically programmed to be heavy, in my opinion. But yet we ought not use that as an excuse.

    My EP did tell me, though , that losing weight would increase my odds of successfully fighting back against afib. He said that an ablation has about a 65% rate of "success" and losing about 10 pounds (in my case) would be another 10% benefit.

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