Stopping medications before ablation

Hello you lovely people, I am almost organized for my trip to Sydney for the Cryo ablation, on the 30th September. I am reading the notes for stopping the medications, and am worried about stopping metoprolol on the 24th Sept, that's 6 days, without any drugs yet I know from past research, this medication has a short body life of around 8hrs. I take 25mgs x 2 at the moment, with an occasional top up when required of 12.5mgs.

What happens if I get an attack and it goes on for over 3hrs. Should I take 12.5mgs or go to emergency, or what? With SVT and AF the episodes are quite debilitating and I am completely lacking in energy the next day with some episodes. I can't find anything about this online. I am putting in some meditation time every day, so I could increase this for the 6 days which should help. Should I ring the Secretary for advice? Has anyone had an attack after stopping this medication for that length of time? and what did you do?

Regarding after care and flights etc., I have some good news, my son is flying down to Sydney from Queensland, but he will need to return on the 2nd October after dropping me off, so I will have someone with me throughout the surgery and to handle discharge and escorting me home on the plane. (he's a pretty good son methinks) I am also in the middle of organizing a short term solution for after care if needed.

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  • I think its usually just 3 days, but I believe you could do a ramp down dose rather than stop suddenly. I would certainly check the arrangements with the secretary

  • Check with your ep secretary. I needed to stop mine in advance of a ep study and potential ablation. The ep said I could cut down for less time than the standard letter said so it was worth asking him direct.

    I have awful symptoms and was worried but remember you will have some residual meds in your system from some of the drugs for a little while. I got through ok sure you will too.

    Best wishes and good luck. All will be well I am sure.

  • Thanks meadfoot like I said to Goldfish I have done this, but I do wish that he could have said less number of days than 6.

    Thanks for your good wishes

  • Also check manufacturer's website and leaflet and other medical websites about stopping cold turkey as some medications now have info to say that they should be stopped in stages (even though it is stopping for a week or so).

    Also what about anticoagulation?

  • Thanks Peter, I will look at this, it doesn't make sense I looked it up before and saw that it had an 8hr shelf life in the body. I don't want to miss the ablation that's the biggest worry at the moment, as far as going to emergency, when I used to go after the 3hrs was up. I used to let them know what I had done, eg. increments of 12.5mg within 2hrs. and also I let them know, I don't want to start any other medications like Amiodarone and Sotalol both with bad side effects. They always listen so why do I need to go there when they will say, you have done the right thing and we will keep you here to wait and see? I will check the web page now thanks

  • I am scheduled for an ablation tomorrow, and I, too, needed to cut back on meds, but it was only 2 1/2 days before ablation. I was told I could continue with the 50mg Metoprolol, but had to stop the Flecainide entirely. I am not to take any meds on the morning of the procedure. I asked what to do in case of an afib, and they suggested I could take another 50mg of Metoprolol.

    Had the CT scan done this morning, then saw the doc that will be doing the ablation. Nervous, but ready for a better quality of life, hopefully.

  • You are so good to help and reply when you are going through, anxious times, I thought that really he was being a bit pedantic about this, it depends on the surgeon I guess, you have relieved my worries greatly....Thinking of you today barbara2, wishing you well, deep breath now to relax.

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