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HI all, I am back agin. Went to dr this am for INR and reading too high, so I do not have to take warfarin this evening and have to go back in the morning for another INR to see if levels are lower, then can start Apixaban. I also did not know that Apixaban had various stren gths same as warfarin, and I was concerned when she said I was on 5mg twice daily, instead of 2.5 mg. Anyone else concerned about this to start with? I was also informed that I couls not consume more than 2 untis of wine a week. I dont drink any more since I went on warfarin two and half years ago, but it would be nice to go out, eat what I liked and had glass or two of red wine.

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  • Don't worry, that's correct that you have 5mg twice a day with Apixaban. 2,5mg is for patients who are underweight and have kidney problems ( as they don't excrete the drug and it could build up to high levels.)

    Ive taken apixaban for 18months and it's great- I have a timer to reming me about doses as you mustn't miss one

    Good luck!

  • Thanks RosyG for that, makes feel better but dont like to think I overweight hahha. Did you buy a special timer as i was thinking about one.

  • No it's not a question of overweight. It's just very light people. Can't remember exact number but like if under 60kg.

  • I set two alarms ( repeats every day) on my watch also have a medicine box and put 7 days of apixaban in on sundays so I can check if I have taken them!!

  • Hi RosyG, yes I use medicine box as well had to with warfarin as I never knew otherwise whether I had taken it. But must get small clock to set time on twice a day.

  • My new EP put me in the lower dose of Abixipan. I also take verapamil, which he says interacts increases the available apixopan. The pharmacist concurred without prompt. I don't have kidney issues, but do have controlled HBP. Has anyone else had similar advice?

  • Apixaban 'normal' dose is 2 x 5mg daily. The lower dose of 2.5mg is for people who have two of the following: over 80, renal impairment or low body weight. Interesting about the alcohol - I was told only about Aspirin, NSAID's and St John's wort which should be avoided. I've been taking Apixaban for nearly 3 years without any obvious problems - best wishes on it.

  • Thanks Fivola, I was on asprin for years and drank like afish I could finish a bottle of wine in an evening. I did not go out so it was something to do to break the lonliness and monotiny. As soon as I went on warfarin I stopped as I was scared of that tablet.

  • Good to hear you are on the way, Dottilind. I saw my clinic nurse on Monday and the INR was down to 1.9 which was ideal and I was able to go straight onto my 20mg rivaroxaban. Once daily...without fail! The drug also comes in 3 strengths (2.5, 15 and 20). Not sure why or who gets what so trust them to know. I also got a reminder about drinking (I'm a very light drinker) and I think all they are saying is stick to government guidelines (for what they are worth) of 2 or 3 units a day - 3 for men I think; and don't go on a binge! Like you, it will be nice to have a beer or three on special evenings out! Unless alcohol is a trigger for AF, I can't see a problem. Ask them again. Cheers for now!

  • Hi Dadog well we are now on our way. have not heard about the tablet you on. My INR was 2.6 today and she said had to be 2.5 or lower, and who am I to argue as I just want to be safe. But I will be having a drink, unless of course it triggers off my AF. Then it will be teetotal again as I dont need that. Good luck with your new tabs. Keep in touch.

  • Just looked up apixaban and alcohol on the Stockport N.H.S. trust apixaban advice sheet and it says :

    Apixaban does not interact with alcohol but you should always monitor your drinking and stay within the recommended guidlines.

    Hope that helps. X

  • Wouldn't work in our house. Not this weather anyway. Wine before dinner is essential since Sam starts early and we always give 12 hours after any alcohol before driving.

  • Been on Apixaban instead of Warfarin for about a year, no problems. Just fell off my bike quite heavily into a stone wall and I didn't bruise much more (if any more) than I would have anyhow, same with small amount of bleeding I had.

    I am fairly certain the instructions for swapping from Warfarin to Apixaban are on the leaflet, or on the web if not. If I remember correctly, it says that you wait till your INR is below 2, then start Apixaban. But as I say, that's from my very bad memory so best to check.

    It's nice not to have any more tests.


  • that's correct Koll!

  • That's right, Koll. Below 2 is ideal and avoids any overlap which might push everything too high.

    Warm this evening....think I'll open a nice, cold bottle of beer!

  • This might be useful although it deals only with the first three NOAC's

  • As far as I know the NOAC s do not interact with any food or drink. Although my Edoxaban leaflet says to be cautious with grapefruit. I will have to ask about that as I do live grapefruit!

  • Hi Barb 1. I cannot take grapefruit anyway as I am on statins. My favorite fruit as well. I used it as a diet aid years ago and it worked could do with it now haha.

  • I am on Apixaban and by GP told me to stick to the recommended units. I actually now drink a lot less 😊

  • like my tattoos just finished my chest on apixaban it was fine no bleeding they would not tatoo me if i was on warfarin

  • Totally illogical and misinformed - just goes to show.

  • Went to n urse again today for INR as yesterday it was too high. Now reads 2.1 so start my Apixaban tomorrow when it will be a bit lower anyway. First meal, large plate of green runner beans, green cabbage and broad beans. Cant wait to be able to eat greens the way I used to plates and plates. haha. Bring it on. Thanks to you all for your input to my questions, dont know what i would do without this site.

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