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I'm looking forward to following your alliances. I'll have many specific questions about my conditions but for now would like to figure out how to best and most appropriately use this potentially great resource.

1) What is the difference between this (AF Association) and Arrhythmia Alliance?

Since most of my conditions are related, I'm not quite sure where to post my questions (or ought I double post).

For example:

2) If I have general questions about atrial fibrillation, to which forum (AF Association and/or Arrhythmia Alliance) should I post?

3) If I have questions regarding my pacemaker (which has been installed to monitor and regulate the low end of my afib) where (AF Association and/or Arrhythmia Alliance and/or PacemakerUSERS) post :

3) Drugs handle the high end of my afib. So their use is in tandem with my Pacemaker. Where (AF Association and/or Arrhythmia Alliance and/or PacemakerUSERS) should I post drug questions?


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I just noticed that this message was tagged "mastitis". I noticed the tag was 'suggested' when I was typing my post and immediately deleted it.

5) How do I control tags when I post?



This forum is very much more active than the AA one (probably circa 10 times). You can see this by selecting posts and going back in time and you will see sometimes it's days between posts on AA.

AF is only rarely mentioned on AA forum but I admit that quite a few times when someone new has put an AF post on the AA forum I have suggested they repost on here. Normally they don't do further posts on AA one. There are some aspects such as SVTs which get posted on one of the forums but only occasionally on both.

There are certainly a number on here who have pace makers but I would guess more are on pm users forum but I've never visited that one.

Certainly there is a wealth of discussions on medicines on here.


Arrhythmia Alliance and AF Association are in fact sister charities, and as such, if you need to email us, we can answer any queries aimed and both or either.

You can also find the homepage to both charity websites by visiting

PeterWh is correct though, most people tend to post their arrhythmia queries on this forum, as it is far busier. Although we do monitor both regularly.

Please remember that we are here if you need us.

Regards - Rachel - Arrhythmia Alliance & AF Association patient services associate

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