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Had my ablation last November everything went well until February I had a week of in and out of af but was fine for months until now I've went into af twice this week but it's slower af at least due to the meds, feeling so down, I've been training all year and felt great but this really is a spanner in the works, Will it ever get better? I've a young family and it upsets me to thing I might not see them grow up due to this condition .

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  • I'm so sorry to hear this Kaiser pal. I'm a little older than you, but know exactly how to it feels when the AF returns. My ablation was in February and I've had a few blips on the way, but this week I have been in and out of AF. I have a 4 monthly check up in a couple of weeks, but I suspect another ablation will be on the cards.

    All I think about and can offer you as words of hope is some of the people on this site have had several procedures before taming their AF. As BobD often states ablations are part of the ongoing treatment for AF.

    Chin up mate, I know it's hard, but we must try and stay positive.

  • Thanks jason

  • Hi,

    Its awful when that happens especially when you seem to have been okay for a while ,I felt like that my children were young when I was diagnosed a few years ago and every time I ended up in A and E I asked them if I was going to die? I was reassured many times that its not a condition that will kill you, here I am three ablations later and now with a pacemaker no more arrhythmia drugs whoopee! and I am tons better, even gone back to work! please don't let it take over your life. Do you have an arrhythmia nurse? get in touch and ask for some advice.

    Don't stop your training just take it easy and don't push too much you will get there.

    Keep us updated,

    Take care


  • Thank you

  • Firstly AF won't kill you so stop worrying about that. Secondly I doubt that "training" as you put it is helping . Moderation in all things. Would you rather be an "athlete" with AF or a normal person without it. Surely there is enough evidence against over training?

    Thirdly ablation should always be thought of as part of ongoing care and may well need to be repeated. My first one failed I am sure because I imagined that I would be back to normal and as a consequence overdid things big time.

    AF is a long journey and may require some detours in you life style but we all carry on. Life may never be the same but does that mean it is worse?


  • My training isn't hardcore is light aerobic and light resistance, I've been doing it all year with no problems bob, I woke up from a good sleep with af

  • I have come to the conclusion that if we didn't sleep we wouldn't get AF (mmm wonder if that's possible). All my previous episodes (now persistent AF) have occurred whilst in a good deep sleep. I am sure this is just a blip and you will get back on the right track even if a 2nd ablation is required. I know it must be very depressing when you thought all was sorted but it will be eventually and you can enjoy your family for a very long time - as long as you are careful crossing the road!

    Best wishes


  • Thank you

  • As Bob and others have said, we have to look at ablations as a 'treatment' and these usually come in a series. Sometimes one pill takes away a headache, other days we need to repeat the dose. Of course it would be nice if ablations worked first time and for some people, they do. But if you need a second or a third then so be it.

    Don't forget, there are a lot of nasties out there for which no treatment is available, so we Afibbers aren't in such a bad place, are we?

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