3rd ablation

Feeling apprehensive as I'm going for my 3rd ablation in 2 weeks time as nothing else is working I'm in constant AF and have been for years but it's never been a problem but now tired and a little breathless .I'm a 57 fit female and work full time but this time I'm finding it difficult to feel positive. Everything is worrying me general anesthetic, recovery,stopping meds,starting meds you name it!! How do I stop feeling this way??

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  • Only you can do this. Try to remember how good it will be if it works. Mine took three goes but 8 years down the line it has been SO worth it. Do take at least two weeks off work to recover and do remember it will take time, at least three months for the heart to settle down.

    Nerves are natural but you will be fine.

  • Keep busy, clean your home so you can put your feet up afterwards, put nice things to eat in the freezer and don't give your thoughts too many chances to wander. If they do, focus on the benefits ahead rather than dwelling on things that are unlikely to be a problem.

  • Mine worked great for many years. My AF had gone 24/7 as well. Hope you get a good result, fingers crossed.

    I've had two actually. One under sedation and one under GA. Both were easy and no problem at all. Bit of recovery with groin wound afterwards and my chest felt a bit funny for week, sort of tight. Other than that not a lot to report.


  • Hi, I had my third ablation on Wednesday 6th July and was feeling just like you. I felt in my heart that it just wasn't going to work and why was I bothering with it! Well, guess what it did work! Early days I know, but I'm feeling extremely well, full of life and energy. After my first two I'd felt ill for weeks/months afterwards and yes they were all carried out by the same EP.

    Go for it girl and think positive. x

  • Hope you get a good ,AND focus on the benefits ahead, ALL THE BEST

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