One year on

Yesterday was a great day! One year ago, I had my first introduction to AF , and didn't expect to reach our 50th anniversary - you all know that feeling, when first diagnosed. Now, I've been in nsr since my ablation in October, and enjoyed a great family celebration at Chester Zoo- how appropriate! So, all you newly diagnosed friends, there is life after AF.

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  • Wonderful positive post Lorna . Well done.

  • Congratulations what a lovely post to start the week.

  • So good to hear that Lorna! Doesn't NSR make life seem so sweet.

  • It sure does....

  • Great news.....enjoyyyyyy

  • Wonderful to hear Lorna!

    Congratulations x


  • That's good news. I certainly recognise that feeling after a first AF. I never thought I'd ne able to continue working, cycle 70 km easily or run. I've done all those things in the nine months since the first AF attack.

  • Great news Lorna! I've just passed two months. My doctor took me off the Xarelto, and is reducing my medication starting October 1st. He did say to continue with asprin. I hope I am able to do as well as you have. Hearing your news is encouraging. Thanks!😎👍

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